Portable GPS System – Advantages of a Global Positioning System

With recent technologies in the auto industry, one of the more popular inventions in recent years is the portable Global Positioning System or portable GPS systems, for short. Drivers who purchase a GPS system-tracking device for their car feel safer and have many services available to them that others do not. Because of their popularity, some auto companies even include a portable GPS navigation unit as a standard feature on some of their more sophisticated models. If you can afford the purchase one for your car, a GPS vehicle-tracking device can be a great addition to your vehicle and a great investment in your safety.

What Does a GPS do?
Before recognizing all of the benefits that you can enjoy with a portable GPS navigation unit, it is important to know what it is. The main use of a GPS portable system unit is to help drivers find directions to their destinations before leaving on a trip or in the event that they get lost. The portable GPS unit itself consists of a monitor mounted beneath the radio in most cases. It has a screen that can display maps or text directions that are easy to follow and very user-friendly.

Tracking Vehicles
If your car is stolen and it has a GPS system tracking unit inside, the company that provides the mechanism can track your vehicle. The GPS system-tracking unit not only gives the location of your vehicle, but it can also tell authorities about the direction and the speed that it is traveling. If you prefer, you can even get a burglar alarm installed that works in connection with your portable GPS unit. Once the alarm trips, the police are immediately alerted so they can keep a close eye on it before it gets too far away.

Extra Help
Most GPS tracking units are also equipped with other capabilities that could be helpful in certain situations. If you are ever the victim of a carjacking, you can simply push the panic button on your unit to alert the company. They will in turn alert the authorities and stay in communication with you when it is safe. You can also use a GPS tracking unit if you have lost your car in a crowded parking lot. The company can send a signal that will make your horn blare and your headlights flash so you can find your car in a matter of seconds.

Extra Benefits
In addition to the maps and directions that a portable GPS navigation unit can provide, a standard feature of many of the different available units provides help if you happen to lock your keys inside the car. This unfortunate event has happened to many people and a locksmith can be costly. With a GPS portable system unit, a simple phone call to the company can get your doors unlocked in a matter of minutes. Just provide the representative with some basic information and they can send a signal to your vehicle to unlock the doors. This is especially handy if you have accidentally locked a young child or a pet inside the car.

Too Techno?
For all of the services that a portable GPS unit provides, the best part about the system is that they are very user-friendly. You can get a quality system from many electronics companies. The GPS Sony unit, Garmin gps, magellan gps navigation and Tomtom gps are the most reputable, but there are many others as well. Most of them have voice recognition so you can merely speak your choices from the menu. This allows you to keep your hands and eyes focused on driving safely. The menus that you have to choose from on the screen are easy to follow and you can even pick different languages to suit your specific needs. Their ease of use is probably the best feature included with these systems.

Although many new cars are equipped with a GPS unit, you can still purchase one to install in any car that you have. You can have a professional install it or install it yourself. You will need to pay a small monthly service charge, but the services that come with the unit are well worth the price for the peace of mind that they provide.

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