Macro photography by Nicholas


Just look at this amazing macro photography by Nicholas. A small world it is indeed combined with a lot of humor too. Every shot has been maticulasly arranged with the highest attention to details.

The photographer who is responsible for this beautiful macro photography is Nicholas. He is from Belgium and his work is amazingly tiny and creative.

“I started this flickr account because of my growing interest in photography. I’ve always been a creative boy in many ways, but now I have found a great endless possibility to express my visions and feelings.
I like to experiment with original ideas and compositions,
I’m a perfectionist with great patience
and an enjoyer of life and its little details…

Though some shots might look unrealistic to you, all of them are 100% real and no Photoshop was used to edit them, except for some white balance or contrast issues, or to remove dust on the macro filters.” says Nicholas.

This macro photography project was also printed as a little book via Blurb. It’s 7×7 inch, soft cover with 38 pages and 51 photos – unfortunately it is not for sale just yet.


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8 thoughts on “Macro photography by Nicholas

  1. Hannah

    Awesome! I want MORE! How did you get the fly on the skateboard? Did you have to like glue it on or what!?!? <3

  2. Maikeru

    I don’t which I like better: the snail looking at new “real esate” or the Fly “getting air” on the skateboard. Both are very creative and inspiring!

  3. Vividh Pawaskar

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
    ur art we can imitate never.
    thank u from our heart’s core
    we ask for snaps more.

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