Lounge Cocoon Hammock


Hammocks are great! Who doesn’t love lounging in the sun or shade with a good book or just listening to your favorite tunes. The Cocoon Hammock is not a simple piece of furniture, this luxury lounge hammock will cost you around five figures…ouch!

This luxurious lounge furniture will look amazing on a terrace deck overlooking an infinity pool or placed in a shaded spot in a large garden; it comes with a terrace base, Taukkyan or Teak wood frame, electropolished stainless steel components, Batyline hammock and covering. It’s available in white and cappuccino. Dimensions: 140.7W x 140.7D x 80.7H weight: 430 LBS.



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One thought on “Lounge Cocoon Hammock

  1. Abhinay

    I really like your Lounge Cocoon Hammock design. I would like to have a quote of the same for my new lounge.

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