Alix Malka underwater photography


I found this amazing fashion photography by Parisian Alix Malka, one of the new talent in fashion photography and a well sought after photographer by international magazines. Continue reading

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Panoramic photography Cinemascapes


This amazing panoramic photography by Aaron Hobson is called “Cinemascapes”. I love how Hobson, a self-taught graphic designer and photographer, plays with dramatic lighting, natural compositions and attention to details in this autobiographical series. Continue reading

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Macro photography by Nicholas


Just look at this amazing macro photography by Nicholas. A small world it is indeed combined with a lot of humor too. Every shot has been maticulasly arranged with the highest attention to details. Continue reading

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Portrait photographer – Rachel Cartwright

Portrait photographer, Rachel Cartwright, began photographing about four years ago, and soon became captivated by the craft as a means of articulating her innermost emotions.

She is currently enrolled Continue reading

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Amazing interior photography by Albert Font

interior-photographyAlbert Font, a brilliant photographer, has a photography online portfolio of almost everything, from interior photography to travel and fashion.

As the director of Casa Viva, Marcel Benedito says: “Nobody knows how to capture the exact atmosphere of an interior as well as Albert Font, the space between the objects that he is able to fill with an absolute mastery of light. The images vibrate as though they were alive, in motion. I don’t know what his secret is.”
Continue reading

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Frame your photos and share them

photography-frames Have you ever crossed your hands trying to frame a moment in time, recognizing an aesthetic quality in an overlooked object or space in the city? If your answer is yes then you might as well look into the Urban Curators project – a community celebrating the beauty of spaces in the city. “Literally hanging gold, gallery-style frames in derelict spaces within the city, we are framing objects and views that are of aesthetic or cultural value.”

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Get published at JPG Magazine

jpg-magazine JPG Magazine is the wonderful initiative of Derek and Heather Powazek. A magazine with a simple goal: to honor the fantastic work coming from nonprofessional photographers all over the world. It’s published six times a year by 8020 Publishing. As a member you can upload your photos and stories to your members page, submit them to JPG Magazine and vote on other submissions. You can also get the opportunity to get published and see you work in print.

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Amnesty International Campaign

advertising photographyI dont know if you already seen this extreme photography advertising campaign, but I think it is brilliant as well as it is horrifying. Still I thought it is such a strong campaign and it needs to be here.

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Adobe LightRoom

adobe-light-roomThroughout my life i’ve always had a soft spot for photography. Though i never went through the whole dark room phase, i still cant get enough of photographs. Since digital photography became more common and the pricing of digital cameras became reasonable, although I paid a full price for my Fuji digital camera, did it give me a good reason to start taking photographs without sending them to be developed at the printshop. As for image editing software, I have always used Adobe Photoshop. I know Photoshop very well and ivé been using it since version 3.0 if i’m not mistaken. That is why I have been so intrigued by the new Adobe LightRoom – “the professional photographer’s essential toolbox” as they call it. As for now i’m still going over it so stay tuned for my software review. Meanwhile here is a great review from NAPP .

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