Nabi Square HD: For the Young Photographer


While GoPros are made for adrenaline-fueled adults, the nabi Square is a high-definition, pocket camera made just for kids. Outfitted with a water proof case, LCD screen, and a remote control, the nabi Square is perfect for the aspiring photojournalist, no matter how young they are. Continue reading

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: Portable, but Powerful


Imagine being able to shoot cinema-quality film from a camera that is only five inches wide and with a weight of 12.5 ounces. There’s really no need to imagine. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera will permit cinema-quality film in a compact form without any problems. Continue reading

The Python Slimpack: For the Traveling Photographer


For the photographer who is always traveling and always needing to shed the weight of gear to photograph some far-flung regions, the Python Slimpack is the ideal backpack. Only as big as it needs to be but still sufficient in size, the Python Slimpack by Booqbags is a small pack that can carry 1-2 DSLR cameras, assorted lenses, a tripod, and even a tablet without bulking up. Continue reading

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K: From Super 8 to 4K


The Super 8 camera was responsible for a generation of original and inexpensive independent film making. Now, many films are recorded with digital cameras, and while the technology had a rarefied price range for a long time, the cost of high-resolution cameras is shrinking as the technology is getting even better. Now, the frontier is 4K, or a resolution ratio of 3840×2160 pixels, and the Production Camera 4K from Blackmagic is a real beauty. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: A Camera? No. A Phone? Not quite.


As with everything, cameras are getting smarter. I think film cameras still exist, but I imagine the remaining models in some forgotten warehouse or in photography aficionados memorabilia corner. And even the straightforward digital cameras that just took pictures with minimal modification are getting left behind fast. With the namesake of its popular smartphone series, the Galaxy S4 Zoom from Samsung is a mix-used marvel that defies categorization as much as the first smartphones did. Continue reading

The Polaroid Z2300: Digital Instant


I was certain that Polaroid had gone out of business by now. But no, they’re still here, and the company’s historic habit of engineering instant photography is still its project. Perhaps, Polaroid was better suited for this time anyway, in which the instantaneous is the standard. They’re constant revisions on an old but very specific theme seems to have kept Polaroid designing fresh cameras. The Z2300 is such a design that takes the well-known Polaroid formula and adds some modern elements. Continue reading

Sony Alpha NEX Series: Stick With The Family


If you’re looking to upgrade from your digital compact camera but not deal with a bulky DSLR and complex controls, you should check out a new category which recently gained a lot of traction in the photography world. It’s called micro four thirds systems / mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses – they’re just the right size, easy to handle with loads of features, shoot high quality images, and can change lenses on the fly. All the big players are already there, however this time we’re going to introduce you to one of the top 5 – the Alpha NEX series from Sony. Continue reading

The Gaucho SLR case & compact clutch: A country note for photography gear


Are you perhaps still puzzled about how to carry your photography gear stylishly? As a style conscious person you might. Whether traveling with a compact camera or a DSLR plus lenses, batteries and extra memory cards, protecting your equipment while making a statement is not always a simple matter to achieve. The Gaucho compact clutch and SLR case of 1701, a company whose motto is “Travel smart. Travel beautiful” promises to do that, so long as a style inspired by cowboys and the middle West is your favorite cup of tea. Continue reading

Konstruktor: For Those Uninterested in Instagram


The photography company Lomography is known for making obscure, hyper-specific cameras, the complete opposite of most cameras or smartphones that perform about fifteen different operations. Lomography’s created fisheye cameras, 360 degree cameras, and the Diana, a camera that acts like a manual version of the digital photo-filter favorite, Instagram. Continue reading

Retrospective 5 Camera Bag: High Class, Low profile


When it comes to bags, I usually want to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to lugging my expensive photography gear, keeping a low profile is better. The Retrospective shoulder bag collection from ThinkTankPhoto gives you just that and so much more! It’s perfect for street photography or anywhere else you feel the need to be discreet and blend into your surroundings, while combing a classic minimal design with loads of features for today’s modern camera gear. Continue reading

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