Bellami HD-1 Camera

The Bellami HD-1 camera is a top-end filmmaking camera. It uses advanced HD technology and state-of-the-art Chinon lenses but also gives filmmakers the freedom to use older lenses. The technological capabilities of the Bellami HD-1 are awesome and include sensor controlled brightness, a fast shutter speed for capturing fast moving objects and filming in the dark and a color illusion filter that lets you manipulate the images. From a design perspective, the Bellami HD-1 has a cool retro look reminiscent of the old 8mm-film movie cameras, and by the way in terms of size, the camera body is tiny! 9.6 x 9.5 x 3.3cm (without lens and handgrip). Continue reading


Autographer: spontaneity at its best

Would you like a camera that you wouldn’t need to remind yourself to use? You want to experience adventure, but you don’t want to always think about whether the rafting trip was memorable or if you missed taking a photo when your buddy flew up and out of the raft and into the river. In the interest of our digital social lives, Autographer was created to keep track of what might be memorable photo moments. Continue reading


Zoom Q4 Video Recorder: Sensitive Audio, High-Definition Video

In another life, or in this life if I had enough time, I would be an independent filmmaker, and my tool would be the new Zoom Q4 camera. While most digital video cameras these days emphasize high-definition footage, the Zoom Q4 pours a little more energy into the quality of sound. Continue reading


rotation180 Panorama Backpack: Camera at the Ready

Sometimes, a photo can be taken with care, patience, and time. Sometimes, a huge Golden Eagle leaps from a tree and into your horizon. You need to act quickly. But maybe you find yourself fumbling with your backpack, trying to remove your camera that lodged between your lunch and sweatshirt. Then, the Golden Eagle is gone, and your photo opportunity is in its talons. But the rotation180 Panorama from MindShift Gear was designed for you to never miss out again. Continue reading


Sigma dp2 Quattro Compact Digital Camera: Highest Resolution


Cameras are the pinnacle of technology now. So much energy seems to be put into refining lenses and sensors to capture images of the super-real variety. The dp2 Quattro compact digital camera, the new model from Sigma, is one of these technologically splendid cameras. The fixed 30mm lens was specifically designed to be used with the sensor that permits 30 percent better resolution than a competitive camera. Continue reading


Ollo Clip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens: smartphone photography


I had no idea that people took iPhone photography so seriously that companies started to make additional lenses. But people do, and companies did. And now there is the Ollo Clip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens that is making me very excited for the future of smartphone photography. Continue reading


Nabi Square HD: For the Young Photographer


While GoPros are made for adrenaline-fueled adults, the nabi Square is a high-definition, pocket camera made just for kids. Outfitted with a water proof case, LCD screen, and a remote control, the nabi Square is perfect for the aspiring photojournalist, no matter how young they are. Continue reading


Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: Portable, but Powerful


Imagine being able to shoot cinema-quality film from a camera that is only five inches wide and with a weight of 12.5 ounces. There’s really no need to imagine. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera will permit cinema-quality film in a compact form without any problems. Continue reading


The Python Slimpack: For the Traveling Photographer


For the photographer who is always traveling and always needing to shed the weight of gear to photograph some far-flung regions, the Python Slimpack is the ideal backpack. Only as big as it needs to be but still sufficient in size, the Python Slimpack by Booqbags is a small pack that can carry 1-2 DSLR cameras, assorted lenses, a tripod, and even a tablet without bulking up. Continue reading


Blackmagic Production Camera 4K: From Super 8 to 4K


The Super 8 camera was responsible for a generation of original and inexpensive independent film making. Now, many films are recorded with digital cameras, and while the technology had a rarefied price range for a long time, the cost of high-resolution cameras is shrinking as the technology is getting even better. Now, the frontier is 4K, or a resolution ratio of 3840×2160 pixels, and the Production Camera 4K from Blackmagic is a real beauty. Continue reading