Van Moof M2 Collection bikes: Turning wheels, turning heads


Van Moof are a Dutch boutique bike brand that have released a new generation of bike designs (M2 Collection) embedded with a ton of features whilst maintaining a coherent and clean look. Continue reading


The earHero: Listen Like a Secret Agent


I always wear my headphones when I ride my bicycle. And I cycle around a huge, traffic-swollen city: New York. I’m usually worried on some level that I’ve disabled an important sense; it’s important to hear to be safe on a bike in New York City. But do you really want to just listen to the taxis beeping at you and rumbling, down-shifting delivery trucks instead of your favorite song?

With mechanics I don’t completely understand, but I am nevertheless excited for, earHero headphones allow you to manage your distractions without risk of accident. Continue reading


Donkybike: A workhorse for the workforce!


The Donkybike urban cycle is the reliable result of problem-solving design. It has two cargo shelves at the front and back that can be used to carry not just baguettes or onions, but significant (ie. useful) loads around when you need to. It allows you to fully enjoy the convenience, cheapness, health and Eco-friendliness of city cycling and to carry more than just the essentials. Continue reading


Levi’s commuter collection: Style meets function for cyclists


I love riding my bicycle. And as much as I enjoy driving, the act of moving my feet into cyclic movements in order to bring me forward and being responsible for my own balance somehow brings a sense of taking my life in my own hands. Watching parts of favorite neighborhoods move slowly beside and before me, brings a value in the appreciation of time. Continue reading


Acorn bags: tools on the go


Here is something to please the practical mind, who finds joy in using the bicycle, while being able to transport even his/her tools in style! The Acorn Bags are designed exactly for this purpose. They are expandable and compact. A rad combination, indeed!

Imagine never having to search for a misplaced or forgotten tool. Imagine fitting them all in what will roll into a stylish snug. Imagine leather, mounting straps designed to match your beautiful Brook saddle with bag loops. In case you have a larger saddle bag, just toss it into it! Yes, that good! Continue reading


iFlash One: Be safe


Danish design group KiBiSi created a nifty yet important accessory for bicycles. It’s called iFlash One a smart compact bike light for modern day lifestyle on the go. It’s easy to mount and lights automatically – a small wonder to keep you safe. Continue reading


Shoes Books and a Bike


Here’s a cool storage solution from the Swiss design collective Postfossil. Designed by Thomas Walde, the Shoes Books and a Bike unit puts your beloved bicycle where it should be – framed, on a pedestal – almost like a trophy. And I mean this in the most positive way, as cycling has increased in popularity in European cities as the most ecological way of getting around. Continue reading


Fixa Bike Shelf by Chrome


Bicycles have evolved beyond merely a utilitarian means of transportation. These days, your bike says a lot about you, much like the way your clothes and accessories do. So instead of banishing your personality on wheels to a dark garage or chaining it to some metal bike prison, how about giving your mobile friend a home within your home? No room you say? No problem!
The Fixa bike shelf by Latvia design firm Chrome has revamped the traditional bike storage rack with a modern twist. Continue reading


Invisible Bike Helmet: fashion meets function

Now you see it, now you don’t. The Invisible Bike Helmet by Hovding gives a whole new meaning to ‘safety design’. Engineered by two Swedish designers, the helmet was created to answer the prayers of many of their fellow countrymen cyclists in order to spare them the embarrassment of wearing a conventional helmet. Thus the Hovding invisible helmet was ingeniously born from the ashes of complaints. This brilliant state-of-the-art device could be easily mistaken for a piece of high fashion accessory to the untrained eye. Continue reading


HB Cabriolet Basket: No more bumpy rides


Every time I go for a bike ride I always get frustrated because my bag is too small and I can’t decide which items to take with me. Moreover, I still need to balance everything on my back while riding my bike which isn’t that comfortable, but now I’ve discovered the HB Cabriolet Basket from Topeak and it changed my entire riding experience.

This stylish bicycle basket is made of a powerful nylon fabric attached to a steady aluminum frame. Another great feature is an integrated sunscreen with window that helps you to protect your delicate cargo, whether it’s food, bottles, books or whatever else you think needs protection. Continue reading