Triple C For J.Crew USB Phone Charger: Stylish Charging


Depending on your personality, you may prefer your gadgets to be spare and industrial in design, or if you’re inclined to more ornamentation, you may appreciate playful design. Not all gadgets need to be as starkly designed as they are functional. Masters of equally restrained and [flamboyant] design, J.Crew partnered with smartphone accessorizer Triple C for the J.Crew USB phone charger. Continue reading

Nokia Treasure Tags: Don’t Lose Your Keys Again


The Treasure Tag is Nokia’s answer to the too often experienced issue of leaving your keys behind. Paired with Nokia smartphones or tablets that use the Lumia Black software, the Treasure Tag is a Bluetooth device that signals when your possession went missing. Continue reading

Solar Window Charger: All the Potential Power


Solar energy is still massively underutilized. Every day, the sun emits 174 petawatts of potential energy. That’s a number including a lot of zeros if converted back into our more standard measurement of watts. Considering how many electronics we use, it’s folly solar energy isn’t connected to our lives all the time. Continue reading

Samsung Smart TV: Smart Just Got Smarter

Samsung is a smart device juggernaut, and now their fleet of Smart TVs is getting even smarter. Oriented around the “Smart Hub,” a kind of dashboard similar to a smartphone user interface, the Smart TVs can recommend new shows to you based on your viewing history. Continue reading

Christofle Sphere: It’s a Hard Drive, I’m Serious


Considering how small consumer technology now is, there’s no reason for us to use old models of design. Big and boxy forms don’t make much sense anymore. Apple has even manufactured a tubular desktop computer. The Christofle Sphere from LaCie will probably startle you. I assure you it’s an external hard drive, you know, one of those uninteresting, square-shaped devices that you use to backup your music library. But the Christofle Sphere looks like it was made by aliens or the most exceptional craftsmen. Continue reading

Grip LED Flashlight: A Simple Way to Light the Night


Resembling a bicycle handlebar grip from the days when I remember pedaling around the neighborhood with friends, the Grip LED Flashlight is a simple hand torch. Continue reading

Parrot Flower Power: cares for your plants


The Parrot Flower Power will be the new obsession for amateur botanists. A dowsing rod or stem-shaped device that waits in your plant’s pot, Flower Power is capable of measuring soil moisture, temperature, sunlight levels, and even soil electrical conductivity, something you should keep in mind for fertilizers. Continue reading

Nest: The Beginning of the Smart House


Nest is an adaptive thermostat and smoke alarm that seems like the first installment you’d have in a “Smart House.” Designed to change according to your heating and cooling habits, Nest will create its own schedule to save energy.

Instead of having a siren-like wail warn you that the toast you already know was burnt is smoking, Nest warns you with a pleasant voice. Continue reading

Pivot Power Adjustable Strip: A Little Breathing Room to Charge


Certainly the standard power strip with its rectangular train of outlets is an advantage over the one or two outlets in a room. When we could only connect a lamp and our laptop, with power strips we can connect about five more devices. But I’m sure you’ve become familiar with the main problem of power strips: they can’t always fit everything. The Pivot Power Adjustable Strip, from Quirky and Jack Zien, seeks to solve that problem. Continue reading

Agio: Sunlight Harnessed


It may seem odd that a device designed to control light is lit very well, or at least reflects light well. The Agio is a control panel that manages room lighting remotely, adjusting just about every bit of electronic home or office lighting, and it is masterfully designed to portray its own light beautifully. With a glow that seems like the beating electronic heart of the device, the Agio will customize lighting to your specific environment. Continue reading