Lix 3D Pen: Creating in Midair

If financial analysts want to write about the next economic bubble, they should look to the 3D printing world. Because 3D printers are on everybody’s mind. But a 3D printing pen is still a little novel. The Lix 3D Pen is like a potential sculpture garden within a tool that fits in your hand. It uses a tiny filament to create three-dimensional pieces of art as if you were sketching in midair. Continue reading


Amazon Fire 3D Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone is the first smartphone designed by Amazon. What is extraordinary about this smartphone is that it redefines how we actually use phones and what they can do for us. The Fire Phone designers went all out and created a phone that has 3D technology and can be operated by slight movements. By tilting or turning it you can control a wide variety of operations- all using just one hand. Another great benefit is that the phone lets you access information like never before. You can just scan something and the Phone will upload a wealth of related content. Continue reading


LaCie Fuel: Media, Media, and Media

Think of the size of things these days. When the first consumer personal computers were released, they hosted up to 64 kilobytes in data storage. For what you could do on the Apple II, say, that was sufficient. But what about this, the LaCie Fuel wireless storage device. It can store up to a terabyte of information that can all be accessed on the same LaCie wireless network.

1 terabyte—that’s about a billion Apple IIs! Continue reading


Brinno PeepHole Viewer: Seeing Security

Have you ever thought that the peephole through your front door is just a relic from years ago? It never seems to give much security than a little peek at whose outside knocking. And don’t those faces always look strange through the fisheye lens? Well, Brinno, a camera design company has created the PeepHole Viewer – a huge revision of the old front door peephole. Continue reading


MyQ Garage: Closing Your Door From Anywhere


While I wouldn’t wish this affliction on anybody, do you ever perpetually worry that your garage door is still open every hour you’re at work? You remember and re-remember your order of waking up, preparing for the day, entering the garage, opening the door, backing out, and then you completely forget what happens after. You cannot be sure. And that day, you get no work done. Continue reading


Woody’s Wired MonoTray: For the Naturalist Typist


Apple has made aluminum its centerpiece of most of its current products. We can all vividly picture the stunning silver of the MacBook Pro, Air, and iMac. Each is usually manufactured from a single piece of aluminum—keyboard and all. Some might admire the cold, industrial quality of Apple’s products, and they do reflect a certain beautiful efficiency. But for those among us who want something more natural, check out Woody’s Wired MonoTray. Continue reading


Era by Jawbone: Hearing Everything

I’ve always had a bit of a hard time witnessing people walking and talking using Bluetooth headsets inserted into one of their ears. It’s fun to play a little game in which I try to guess if someone in the city is a little unstable or if he is discussing with his wife what to pickup for dinner. But as I’m tired of cocking my head to one side and constantly waking with a stiff neck, I really need to invest in the device I too often scoff at. It may have to be the tiny Era by Jawbone, too. Continue reading


Bolt Battery Charger: Grab & Go Power


The Bolt Battery Charger by Fluxmob is said to be the world’s smallest portable battery backup and wall charger for your iphone. The maximum dimension of the Bolt does not even reach three inches. This just makes me think that electronics have gotten so efficient that it is really down to bolts of electricity. Continue reading


Slingbox 500: Beam It


Nikola Tesla dreamed of wireless electricity, and perhaps it was his dream that inspired the wireless world we seem to be moving towards. Thinking about it for a little while, wireless Internet makes some sense, but wirelessly streaming video, I can’t quite understand that yet. So it’s some kind of magic that the Slingbox 500 streams high-definition video from your smartphone to your TV without any kind of hardwired connection. Continue reading


Pocket Projector Mobile: A Portable Theater


The Brookstone Pocket Projector Mobile is capable of displays of up to 80 diagonal inches. This is bigger than most big screen TVs that cost a few thousand dollars and are stuck in their spot. At only a few hundred dollars, in a size no bigger than your palm, and able to project 1080p quality video, the Pocket Projector Mobile is like walking around with a movie theater. Continue reading