Eva Solo Deli Jar: Stylishly Fresh


A kitchen is a place in which we celebrate food. This is a place of inspiration and thinking outside the box. For that we need fresh ingredients. These beautiful Deli Jars, from Eva Solo, are elegant and stylish – Perfect for keeping your ingredients fresh and your kitchen in style. Continue reading


Polaroid coasters: memories of happiness


Going through one of my old boxes of memorabilia the other day, my kids found my old Polaroid camera and with it was an envelope full of old pictures from my childhood. So we sat together and I told them about this wonderful camera: the Polaroid. How it used a white rectangular film that you pulled out and then had to wait before peeling apart and how thrilling it was to actually see the picture develop before your eyes.

In my parents’ house we had an oval coffee table with a protective glass top raised slightly on four black rubber circles. The space underneath the glass was used to insert family photos and this is where we kept the “best” Polaroids. I would spend hours looking at these pictures of babies, family vacations, weddings and graduations. When I started studying art I started experimenting with angles and exposure times to manipulate the final photograph and these were the Polaroids in the envelope they found. Continue reading


IceOrb Vertical Ice Tray: Very Cool


For me, spring means the beginning of outdoor entertaining season. The warm weather thaws out my friends and out comes the barbeque grill and the beer. As summer sets in, Saturdays find us at the beach or hiking nearby, always accompanied by an abundant picnic basket. Whether the gathering is fancy or easygoing, there always seems to be a need for ice cubes and coolers to keep the fresh food cold.

The Fusionbrand IceOrb receptacle is great for doing exactly all these things: you can use it to make the ice, to store it, to keep food chilled and to serve cold drinks. Continue reading


Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier: for movers & shakers


This versatile carrier makes it so easy to transport all those lovely decorated cakes and cupcakes. My daughters are into making cupcakes. Every other day there seems to be a “special occasion” (a friends’ birthday, end of school project, girls’ night…) that turns my kitchen into a baking shop. They are actually very good at it and with each batch their decorations get more elaborate – icing, sprinkles, chocolate sculptures – but as long as they also do the cleaning up I don’t mind.

My contribution to this, apart from being a very proud parent, is helping them transport their creations. Usually this means driving very slowly with an anxious teenager cradling an improvised cardboard box in her lap. So on behalf of us cake and cupcake bakers and buyers I would now like to thank the guys at “Progressive” for thinking of the collapsible cupcake and cake carrier. Continue reading


Chilewich Ray Tray: On Display


The Chilewich Ray Tray will have your fruits and vegetables on display just as you want it to be, and just as it should be. The 19-inch-tall Ray Tray’s sloping stainless-steel frame holds three separate trays, made of a flexible nylon-Lycra blend. The tiered trays, which are removable and machine-washable, allow fruit and vegetables to breathe.

Why hide them in your fridge while you can simply put them on display in this unique tray, and enjoy not only its fine design but also the vibrant colors of all the fruits and veggies. Here is a simple item that can spice up and bring your kitchen back to life with a simple use of everyday materials and nature’s colors. Continue reading


Menu Salad Tongs: Cute Lettuce Buddy


I love serving salads. Between the different vegetables, garnishes and dressings there are endless combination you can make and you can always add meat, pasta, eggs or fish and the salad becomes a meal in itself.

Over the years, my collection of salad bowls has grown to include ethnic bowls from strange countries, vintage bowls from flea markets, minimalist designer bowls and cool bowls in all kinds of shapes and sizes. In short, anyone who wanted to bring me a gift would buy a bowl.

And then a friend of mine returned from Denmark and surprised me with a new original gift – salad tongs! And not just any tongs but these beautiful, combination salad spoons and tongs designed by Bent Falk. Continue reading


Multi Cup & Spoon: Make Good Food Look Really Good


The Multi Cup and Spoon is a series of cups in different sizes, designated to serve almost anything – tea, coffee, muesli, ice-cream or soup. Its elegant design, along with the special spot for your spoon, present a sophisticated way to serve your guests. Made of porcelain and accompanied with a stainless steel spoon, this set will brighten up your morning, launch and supper – anyway you like it. Continue reading


Faux Bois Table Placemats: Eating Right Off The Table


You have to know how to play your way with table placemats – they could either be a total miss or spot on. With these gorgeous Faux Bois table placemat, from Chilewich, you can be assured you’re spot on!

These place mats bring a naturalistic driftwood effect to your table setting, hence the name faux bois (literally translates to “fake wood”); they are available in three digitally printed, simulated wood grains: Birch, Driftwood, and Walnut. As soon as you touch the material, you know that it’s easy to care for: durable, washable, and usable indoors and out. It’s like you’re eating right off the table. Continue reading


Hot+Fresh: Inside White – Outside Hot


Hot+Fresh is a vibrant, cheerful and happy range of cups – perfect for serving both hot and cold. Inside it is white, outside is any color you want. Designed for both uses, you can mix it up as you please – whether it’s pink or blue, yellow or green. It could serve as the perfect setting for serving ice cream in the summer, or setting up a sweet chocolate souffle finale at the end of a dinner party. Inside it’s white, but outside it’s stylishly hot! Continue reading


Alessi Zucch Sugar Dispenser: Add A “Spoonful Of Sugar” To Your Life


It’s always sweet to find a new way to look at everyday things, and the Zucch Sugar Dispenser from Alessi is certainly original. Alessi have once again managed to turn an ordinary everyday item into a fine beautiful object. This dispenser is both fun and elegant and fits perfectly into any tea (or coffee) ceremony, whether I use my everyday porcelain mugs or my grandmothers’ fine china teacups decorated with gold and roses. Continue reading