japanese houses tekuto 2 - Japanese house designs by Atelier Tekuto

Japanese house designs by Atelier Tekuto


Looking for Japanese house designs? Check out yasuhiro yamashita from Atelier Tekuto. Yamashita’s Japanese houses follow the concept of changing the construction system, thus reducing building costs.

The ref-ring project in Kanagawa, Japan is totally abstract. This Japanese house design is all about geometrical lines, shapes and spaces formed by laminated wood panels, which are not only used as the structure but also as an insulation material, humidity controlling material, and finish material.

japanese-house-designs-tekutoThe slant walls and openings create unique lighting effects and spaces. This extraordinary Japanese house design is playing with the viewer’s sense of perception and three-dimensional space.

Yamashita creates his Japanese houses architecture based on the system of society, the environment and the function. Yamashita is using natural resources for his Japanese houses such as wood, soil, and brick in an effort to care for the environment.


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6 thoughts on “Japanese house designs by Atelier Tekuto

  1. ritubundela

    his house is awsem kind of space and light quality is very good
    i like it even the site it ha slot about space which could actually be experienced


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