geodesic dome - Geodesic Dome and Treehouse

Geodesic Dome and Treehouse

Michael Wielgus from Krakow, Poland, sent us his dome-shaped, wooden treehouse, which was inspired by the geodesic dome structures of American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller.

Thanks to René K. Müller dome plans and studies, Michael decided to build a hovering tree house with a 2.5 meters diameter shell structure for the children as well as a ground-based, 4.5 meters diameter geodesic dome for outside entertaining and grill. “The treehouse is like a big swing” says Michael.


“First I hung half ‘egg’ on a tree, with a strong stable floor with 5 haul-offs of rope. I use 2 (A, B) different struts. For safety, one rope is from steel and the second rope is from plastic nylon with a tensile strength of 800kg and 1600kg. When half was suspended on a tree I built the upper part. hub connecting this is a aluminum tubes with 5 holes on the circumference.”



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7 thoughts on “Geodesic Dome and Treehouse

  1. ronen avitan

    hallo from israel
    im trying to find the angel to cut the wood to fit the round conector in the rigte way
    in my opinion its smaler then 90 degree
    any tip? would help 😎

  2. hassan

    hello michael. I am a architecture from IRAN . If you allow me, I want to
    help me about tree house book to publishing in my country
    .If you help to this , you helped me
    alot . I am please for this meeting and thank you alot . I need information and high resolation images

  3. Michael

    Thanks for add this article for

    With pleasure I collaboration with You Dustin …

    best regards

  4. dustin Feider

    Hello Michael. This is incredible. I would love to speak with you more about your treehouse. I make geodesic treehouses as well in California USA. I would like to talk ideas! Maybe there is even room for collaboration. Check out my structure at




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