flame pizza stone - Flame Pizza Stone: That’s Amore!

Flame Pizza Stone: That’s Amore!


To paraphrase Dean Martin – a good pizza is amore (love) and Emile Henry’s Flame pizza stone is the base for a good love story! In the 16th century, Maria Carolina, the queen of Naples decided that the peasant dish pizza was fit for royalty. Since then, Italian pizza has set the standard for pizza all over the world. No matter what type of pizza you prefer – traditional style with regional ingredients or trendy with surprising toppings, one requirement is essential for a satisfying pizza: a crispy well-baked crust. Continue reading

silicone steaming foodpod1 - The Foodpod: Steaming With Style

The Foodpod: Steaming With Style


The foodpod is a flexible silicone cooking container that makes steaming, boiling or blanching simple and convenient. I love to cook and I love wandering around cookware stores and discovering all the new gadgets out there. The best ones are those that use modern material and production technology to make traditional kitchen chores easier and more fun. That’s why I was so excited to when I found the foodpod. Continue reading

kitchen gadget 3 in 1 form2 - Form: One Shape – 3 Products

Form: One Shape – 3 Products


Form, designed by Normann Copenhagen is a sophisticated design for 3 products in one shape: egg timer, egg slicer and salt & pepper set. The inspiration behind this unique design is an old black and white picture of an egg. Cook your egg, slice and season it with this stylish elegant set. Rarely do we see such unique unity between various products, the special idea to link them all under one design theme is something we have not seen before, and it is this outstanding feature that gives these cooking tools their special touch. A shape of an egg can go a long way. Continue reading

orange peeler apostrophe 2 - Apostrophe Orange Peeler: Just Perfect

Apostrophe Orange Peeler: Just Perfect


I love oranges. Not only they’re good for us, they’re also soooo tasty; juicy and sweet, one of my all-time favorite fruit. They say everything has its downside, well with oranges it’s the peeling process. Sometimes the knife you use is too sharp, so you cut in too deep, or it could be that the peel itself is too thin, and you find yourself struggling with it…

I found this unique, stylish looking orange peeler shaped like an apostrophe. This beautiful item is something special – It has precision-cast steel with mat finish to improve the grip, giving the right balance when in use, while resting in an erect position when placed on a table. And the best part is – it cuts exactly right, not too deep and not too shallow – just perfect! Continue reading

toaster bun warmer alessi 2 - Alessi Toaster with Bun Warmer: Grab It While It's Hot

Alessi Toaster with Bun Warmer: Grab It While It’s Hot


I believe we can all agree that there’s nothing like the smell of fresh toast in the morning – yummy! The smell of toast is such that most people I know cannot resist, myself included. Most of us have a toaster in their kitchen; it is a must-have item. Long time ago we had to watch our toaster and make sure the bread doesn’t burn, but thanks to modern technology we can now enjoy the benefit of a perfectly toasted bread, all hot and crispy, just as we like it. If you’re looking to buy a new toaster, you should check out this one from Alessi. Continue reading

kitchen digital scale shell - Shell Digital Scale: Weigh to Cook

Shell Digital Scale: Weigh to Cook


There’s nothing like a practical gift. Of course that when you’re a kid this is probably the last thing you’d want to get, but as a grown up adult, you realize that practical gifts mean just as much, if not more, than other gifts. When my friend bought me the Shell Compact Digital Scale, I knew she was a good friend. Why? Because she knew I needed something like that to cover up my poor cooking skills. I love people who can “cook with their eyes”, unfortunately, I most certainly can’t. My friend knew this and came for my rescue with this cool cooking tool. Continue reading

cooking apron guide 2 - Apron Guide: No need for Cover-ups

Apron Guide: No need for Cover-ups


I love cooking. Well, I’m not that good at it, but once I’m in the right mood – I love it. As I’m not the world’s greatest cook, to say the least, I tend to worry about technical issues all the time and as not all recipes specify every step of the way, shamefully I admit – I get stuck… Continue reading

garlic chopper zoom - GarlicZoom XL: Chop-Chop

GarlicZoom XL: Chop-Chop


Here is another excellent kitchen tool manufactured by the clever designers at Chef’n – dedicated to making life easier in the kitchen. The GarlicZoom XL is definitely proof of this. Most people hate chopping garlic or using a garlic press but with the GarlicZoom XL, all you do is peel the garlic, place the cloves in the zoom, and roll it back and forth as the blades chop. The new large XL model offers many improvements on the previous version and is a pleasure to use. Continue reading

strawberry huller - Strawberry StemGem: Gem of a Tool

Strawberry StemGem: Gem of a Tool


This is one of those small kitchen tools that do such a good job, you wonder why no one has thought about it before. Although the manufacturer calls this gadget a ‘strawberry huller’ it also works well on tomatoes and similar produce. Continue reading

ice cream maker cuisinart - Frozen Treats - Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Frozen Treats – Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker


This machine was made for me! I am an ice cream/frozen yogurt addict and now I can enjoy the finest homemade frozen treats – at home! The fully automatic Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker makes frozen favorites with no fuss and no mess.

The fast and efficient heavy-duty motor makes frozen yogurt, ice cream, sherbet, sorbet or frozen drinks in 20 to 30 minutes – without ice. It is fully automatic and there is no need to stir or mix ingredients. Simply place them into the bowl and turn on the machine – easy and mess free! Continue reading