Free WiFi hotspots with Whisher

free-wifi-hotspots-whisherFree WiFi hotspots all around the globe are just waiting there, free of charge, for you to log on.

Just think of all the free WiFi hotspots you can use while traveling across the country. What a great idea.

Whisher, a new “Ten Tech Startups to Watch”, is all for WiFi connectivity and sharing. Now, you can share your WiFi with others in a safe and secure way, and in return, get free WiFi access wherever you find other Whisher members. This will be the base for the world’s biggest free WiFi network.

Using free WiFi hotspots with Whisher is easy, safe and you don’t have to replace your existing WiFi equipment. Whisher is a software application and it works with all routers and access points!

At any time you can decide with who and when you share. So if your connection starts to slow down or for any other reason, you can activate the private mode, thus disconnecting all users and re-connect them later on by switching to public mode.

With Whisher you can communicate with people connected to your WiFi at any time. You can chat with your buddies, wherever they are, and exchange files at high speed without size limit. You can also go global with this free WiFi hotspots locator and get more information about the cool things in your surroundings Events, restaurants, shops, people, etc. All within walking distance of where you are connected at a given moment.


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