gaming workstation x3 1000x1000 - The X series

The X series

Welcome to “The X Series”, a workstation steeped in science fiction and staged for online gaming and wonder-workings. Designed by Svyatoslav Zbroy in order to combine technology, functionality and comfort, the X Series has reworked the wheel – so to speak. Continue reading

inflatable lighting fixture im 1000x750 - Blow Me Up Light

Blow Me Up Light

Looking to be blown away? Because the Blow Me Up Light may just do that. This inflatable light, by the amazingly talented German industrial designer Ingo Maurer, delivers a flexible lighting system that is also referenced to as a ‘glowing air hose’. Its capabilities include various mounting options – whether overhead, fastened to the wall, or simply floating on a table – there is seemingly no limit to this bright idea. Continue reading

3 in 1 kids bed ticia 1000x533 - TICIA The Growing Bed

TICIA The Growing Bed

Although there are various versions of a “3-in-1 bed” on the marketplace, TICIA The Growing Bed definitely sets itself apart, moving from baby cradle into adult “crib” (if you will) without losing any sense of appeal. Continue reading

Sculptural Table Design In Canaletto Walnut Wood

Mizu Table

Beautifully crafted and with an external layer of Canaletto Walnut, the Mizu Table is a vision of woodworking bliss. Created by Fratelli Reifer Custom, in collaboration with eberhardesign, this wooden work of art looks more like an ocean wave than a once-tree, which is apparently what you get when you take 10 layers of 8m length wood, and bend it into a 3-dimensional vision. Continue reading

Modern Lounge Chair Design


Sitting just took a turn for the better with the intricate inner workings of SPYNDI! This choice of modern lounge chair offers diversity, function and fine art all in one, and with inspiration for this fine fellow being based on the human spine, you can be guaranteed it will deliver upon flexibility without foregoing any strength. Continue reading

book lamp shelf lililite 1000x667 - LiliLite


If you are a “read in bed” type of person, than LiliLite by Thijs Smeets is your new best friend! This little lady is the ultimate addition to any bedroom, shedding light on the latest book you just can’t put down. Continue reading

pegboard modular shelves 7 1000x666 - Bang Bang Pegboard

Bang Bang Pegboard

Welcome to the world of the Bang Bang Pegboard, where life just became a little more simple. This wall-mounted shelving system, by George & Willy, is good for busy moms on the go wishing they had an adjustable shelving solution, the handyman of the house looking for easy storage options, or kids and/or teens who need added incentive to keep their toys and clothes off the floor in an organized manner (you’re welcome parents!). Continue reading

outdoor oil lamps nl 800x1200 - Poppy


Make your yard or tabletop “pop” with Poppy – a sleek oil-based floor, lawn or table lamp sure to please. Inspired by a field of tall poppies, these outdoor lamps offer smooth lines, an elegant elongated stem-shape, and flaming crowns that will set your evening aglow with a freshly lit look. Continue reading

modern lighting foam cloud 800x534 - Foam Cloud

Foam Cloud

Welcome to Foam Cloud, a Photography Museum in Amsterdam offering three various clouds of light that are situated in a variety of spaces throughout the exhibit, highlighting different aspects of this Netherlands’ novelty. Continue reading

tableware tic tac toe woody 800x669 - WOODY Tic Tac Toe

WOODY Tic Tac Toe

Drink and play with the WOODY Tic Tac Toe drinking set as this tableware accessory works both as a food tray and a tic-tac-toe game. Continue reading