Hennessy House

Hennessy House is home to every element one might wish for within their dwelling space. From retractable patio doors leading from the living room out onto the patio, to the solarium style kitchen extension drenched in floor to ceiling windows, to a brick accent wall within the guest bedroom bathed in white wood …this house is filled with visual delights. Continue reading

Pearl Valley 334

When you have multiple rollaway doors within a home – you know you’re in for a treat! Pearl Valley 334 is exactly that treat, offering enough natural light and modern charm to fan the flame of anyone looking to be wowed by both the interior and exterior of a dwelling space – all courtesy of ARRCC. Continue reading

N22: A Kitchen On Wheels

What do you get when you combine a quaint apartment and a portable kitchen on wheels? Genius, that’s what! As a shortlisted feature on the popular ‘Don’t Move, Improve!’ – London’s Best Home Extensions 2017, this ground floor home extension, designed by Turner Architects Ltd, delivers style, simplicity and versatility in a chic space-saving way. Continue reading

Aesop DTLA

If this was 1995, I might begin by saying Aesop is “totally tubular, man!”. But seeing as that may not translate to the generations found reading this article circa 2017 – let’s just say this store, designed by Brooks + Scarpa, is recycled simplicity wrapped in genius! Continue reading

Sunken Bath Project

As the recipient of the ‘Don’t Move, Improve!’ – London’s Best Home Extensions 2017, the Sunken Bath Project is, well – a total winner! Located in Hackney, London, this ground floor apartment was truly brought to life by the sunken bath element, put in place by Studio 304 Architecture. The glass-encased tub will lift your spirits while sinking your skin into the warm depths in which it plunges, surrounded by a private backyard view of lush greenery and a twinkling night sky. Continue reading

Vivid Color

It is quite possible you may not find an apartment more shapely and colorful than Vivid Color. Situated in the Downtown core of Taipei City, this 76 sq.m home was fabulously designed by Waterfrom Design, and greatly inspired by the paper patterns used by fashion designers, quickly recognizable by the silhouettes implemented throughout the home. Continue reading

Nordico Studio

Combine variable colors, impeccable taste, insane design abilities, and voila – you have Nordic Studio! This delightful treat is chalk full of charm and charisma. From the contrasting color scheme, to the variety of wall textures and finishes, to the office space’s sliding glass partition wall – turning this small studio into a live/work space that is nothing short of perfection. Continue reading

PixMob Studio

PixMob Studio is a world-renowned event specialist firm that has been transformed into an office that walks to the beat of its own drum! Expertly re-crafted by designer Jean de Lessard, the lay-of-the-land is now fueled by dynamic shapes backed by cutting edge digital technology, delivering a space where creative energy is exuded – literally – through the walls. Continue reading

Flat 49

What happens when you take a small bachelor pad located in the Ukraine and combine it with talented designers? Why, Flat 49 of course! This compact living space is now fueled by multiple shades of grey, and enough masculine energy throughout to grow a beard upon entering. Continue reading

Fredgaard Penthouse

This small penthouse loft makes me want to shout Timberrrrrrrrr! in the most endearing way. Between the timber pillars, the whitewashed ‘drift wood’ style flooring, and the wood laden rooftop patio, this penthouse is essentially a really elegant tree within a house. Continue reading