glass boutique hotel lapland 2 - Rovaniemi Glass Resort

Rovaniemi Glass Resort

Located in the Santa Claus Village (no, seriously) within the township of Rovaniemi, Lapland, this glass boutique resort is what every Christmas dream is made of! Continue reading

boutique hotel lounge design oslo 1000x668 - Aparthotel Oslo

Aparthotel Oslo

Looking for a cute-as-a-button house/hotel combo? Aparthotel Oslo is a fabulously fresh take on the YMCA, and fits the bill without running you a steep one. Continue reading

small prefab boutique hotel interior sac 1000x667 - Sacromonte Landscape Hotel

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel

Why hello Sacromonte Landscape Hotel, you divine weirdo you! Winner of Best of Year Interior Design 2018 Small Resort, among other such honorable mentions, these prefab boutique hotel units offer simplistic sophistication amidst a Uruguayan winery – because, why not? Continue reading

boutique hotel china skywells decor 1000x667 - Wuyuan Skywells Hotel

Wuyuan Skywells Hotel

The Wuyuan Skywells Hotel is an impressive display of timeless history, giving those who wander its halls a sense that grit and sheer will kept this beautiful architecture alive. Continue reading

eco boutique dome design 1000x750 - Eco Luxury Domes Charlevoix

Eco Luxury Domes Charlevoix

Technically considered “glamping”, these wonderful Eco Luxury Domes take that term to the next level. Nestled in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, on the outskirts of Quebec City, Canada, sits three of these boutique getaways; offering travelers a twist on traditional accommodations, while giving them an opportunity to take in each spectacular season Canadian’s enjoy. Continue reading

boutique hostel micro room design 1000x668 - Hostel Jyvaskyla

Hostel Jyvaskyla

Located in the Western part of Finland – known as the Finnish Lakeland’s, Hostel Jyväskylä took the bones of a 1950s-something office building, and gave it new life. Continue reading

boutique hotel santorini istoria sea 1000x667 - Istoria Hotel Santorini

Istoria Hotel Santorini

Located along the sandy shores of the Perivolos Beach filled with deep blue Aegean Sea water and surrounded by black volcanic sands, Istoria Hotel Santorini is a sumptuously-designed boutique hotel, eclectic in nature while delivering views, architecture and tranquil energy throughout. Continue reading

mobile coffee maker coffeeboxx 1000x665 - OXX Coffeeboxx

OXX Coffeeboxx

Your morning coffee just got a whole lot more delicious with the OXX Coffeeboxx – the world’s toughest coffee maker. This multi-serve savant of mobile coffee makers is the ideal choice for coffee on the go, no matter where you’re going. Continue reading

surfboard backpack koraloc 1000x622 - Koraloc Board Backpack

Koraloc Board Backpack

Looking for a backpack that does all the heavy lifting? Allow us to introduce you to the Koraloc Board Backpack – an all-in-one surfboard carrying backpack that is about to blow your mind. Continue reading

Play Design Hotel Room Interiors

Play Design Hotel Future Lab

Play Design Hotel Future Lab is a cross between a swanky, minimalist, modern boutique hotel – and a science project! Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this project allowed local designers to offer their creations to an international crowd, all in a way that harnessed conceptual design and 21st century appeal, while keeping a small element of tradition and implementing a side of quirky. Continue reading