laptop case whiteboard hustlecase 1000x666 - HustleCase


Remember the old Etch-a-Sketch? HustleCase is the kinda-sorta new version of that, with less twists and turns, and more manual pen action! Offering you an on-the-go whiteboard that is fitted to your Mac, this simple yet ingenious laptop case allows you to mind-map, sketch and productively doodle your day away to your heart’s content. Continue reading

automatic guitar tuner 1000x667 - Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Whether you’re a rockstar wanna-be or a true guitar strumming savant, the Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner will be your new best friend. This tool has the ability to tune your instrument by simply connecting it to your guitar peg and strumming the string. From there, allow it to do its thing, which is tune your guitar to tonal-perfection. Continue reading

wireless speakers urbanears 1000x750 - Urbanears Multi-clever Wireless Speakers

Urbanears Multi-clever Wireless Speakers

Colorful as they are classy, the Urbanears wireless speakers deliver a surprisingly robust sound out of a very compact and stylish system. Continue reading

wearable camera frontrow 1000x584 - FrontRow: The Camera Re-Invented?

FrontRow: The Camera Re-Invented?

The new FrontRow Camera allows you to capture all the action without having to have your hands hardwired to a mobile device. And with Smartphones now capturing our every move, meal and interaction, this alternative way in which to capture life will help you stay present without foregoing a Kodak moment. Continue reading

wireless mechanical keyboard ipad 1000x563 - Qwerkywriter


What’s old is new again thanks to Qwerkywriter – an old-fashioned typewriter interface that offers modern technology implementations, making this piece precisely …fun! Which was exactly the intention of designer Brian Min. Continue reading

levitating speaker mars 1 1000x637 - Mars Levitating Speaker

Mars Levitating Speaker

The Mars Levitating Speaker is simply dripping with style, functionality and form! This new era of sound by cazybaby, is a floating wave of stillness that supplies nothing but pure sound in 360 degrees. Continue reading

4k projector sony 800x354 - Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

It is unlikely you have ever seen anything as crisp and clean as the Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector. This premium projector offers compact, state-of-the-art entertainment with unprecedented, stunning picture quality you have to see to believe. Continue reading

wifi router eero 800x534 - eero


It is unlikely anyone among us enjoys seeing that “buffering” symbol pop up on a digital screen no matter what level of Zen lifestyle you subscribe to. Which is where eero comes in, bringing us back to our center and helping us stay connected as one of the world’s first uninterrupted WiFi systems. Continue reading

charging jump cable 1 800x513 - JUMP Cable

JUMP Cable

This tiny power booster from Native Union will jump start your mobile devices while on the go. The most annoying thing about external batteries and power banks is the fact they’re almost always low on battery just when you need them. Who remembers to charge them anyway… and so enters the JUMP Cable, always full and ready to go. Continue reading

soundsystem design lp160 800x599 - LP 160 Loudspeaker

LP 160 Loudspeaker

As the recipient of the Red Dot Design Award, the LP 160 Loudspeaker is the handiwork of designer Samuel Accoceberry, but the brainchild of Timothee Cagniard. This high-end speaker is a masterpiece that offers impeccable state-of-the-art sound in a traditional looking turntable style device, which can link up to your wirelesses devices also. Continue reading