Lost Utopias

What started as a Kickstarter project turned into one of the top 50 photo books of 2016 by American Photo. Photographer Jade Doskow set out to capture post-utopian World’s Fair monuments – you might know some of them as the Eiffel Tower, Seattle’s Space Needle, New York’s Unisphere, San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, and Safdie’s Habitat in Montréal. Continue reading


The sustainable Asian House

Modern living probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of southeast Asia. “The sustainable Asian House”, a wonderful architecture book written by Paul McGillick and beautifully photographed by Masano Kawana, has opened my eyes to some amazing dwellings in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

This book explores the idea of sustainable living in the tropics from environmental, social and cultural points of view, showcasing contemporary houses that actually respond, adapt and work with the region’s unique climate. Continue reading


Anjalendran: Architect of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island off the southeast coast of India. I admit I don’t know much about Sri Lankan architects however when I first caught a glimpse of C. Anjalendran’s work I knew I had to buy this book: “Anjalendran: Architect of Sri Lanka” by David Robson.

By using the simplest of materials mixed with rich local traditions, Anjalendran is a master in bringing inside and outside spaces into one. In fact, his amazing work is all about light and space. However, his work doesn’t stop at architecture, it also includes landscaping, furniture design and decoration. The end result is pure magic. Continue reading


The Modern THAI House

Thanks to Tuttle Publishing I had the pleasure of uncovering some of Thailand’s most beautiful houses. The wonderful book “The Modern THAI House” by Robert Powell aroused my curiosity to explore how today’s young architects deal with various challenges such as sustainability, natural cooling, cultural tradition, and the unique climate of Southeast Asia.

This book is a large hardcover (224 pages) depicting 25 amazing projects in the vicinity of Bangkok, Phuket and Chiangmai, featuring detailed plans and photos of amazing houses surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, water features, and magnificent sea views. Continue reading


My cool shed: an inspirational guide to stylish hideaways and workspaces

Creating your own small space where you can work, play and relax is a challenge of creativity and individuality. However people from all around the world are making their dreams come true with practicality and style. In the book “my cool shed“, by Jane Field-Lewis, you will find loads of inspiration for oh so beautiful sheds, cabins, studios and workrooms, lovingly created by artists, writers, gardeners, musicians, designers and more. Continue reading to take a closer look at this amazing collection of private hideaways and the stories behind them. Continue reading


Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air.

We just received a copy of Philip Jodidio’s new book: Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air. A hardcover edition, published by Taschen, containing 300 pages, depicting 50 of the best treehouses from around the world.
Our first impression was big and beautiful. Continue reading


Prefabulous + Almost Off The Grid – Your path to building an energy-independent home

As most of you already know I have a strong passion for prefab and Eco friendly homes, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive a copy of Sheri Koones’s new book: Prefabulous + Almost Off The Grid – Your path to building an energy-independent home.

This 240-page hardcover starts with an inspiring forward by the environmentalist, actor and director, Robert Redford, followed by a wonderful collection of some of the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes across North America. Continue reading


Exceptional Treehouses: Cabins In The Trees

Treehouse lovers, eco-friendly architects, and enthusiastic amateurs – if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out “Exceptional Treehouses” by author and tree-house builder Alain Laurens. This 192 pages hardcover book covers 30 gorgeous treehouse projects filled with beautiful watercolors sketches and photographs. Continue reading


Where Children Sleep: seeing the world through a child’s bedroom

As a kid I had my own bedroom and I was allowed to decorate it as I pleased. Depending on my age and fashion it evolved from pink frills to rock concert posters and scented candles. I have three kids and once they outgrew the clouds and cartoon animal phase they too were given free reign over their rooms. Looking at the photographs in the book “Where Children Sleep” I realized how I had taken this for granted and how so many children around the world grow up differently. Continue reading

Nokia Pop Up Book: Promotional Pop

OK, so I guess you already know we have a soft spot for unique pop up books; they’re whimsical and fun, and with a bit of smart design & planning and loads of creativity, these wonderful books will pop up to life as you turn the page. Continue reading