book backyard cottages - Ideas for Great Backyard Cottages

Ideas for Great Backyard Cottages

I just came upon this gorgeous book by Editors of Sunset Books called “Ideas for Great Backyard Cottages“, offering loads of ideas and inspiration – from the traditional English cottage to a backwoods rustic getaway, from Victorian gingerbread to Asian.

With fantastic color photos, which are fun and inspiring, this 128 page paperback book features a wide selection of structures, such as guesthouses, offices, pavilions and gazebos, cottages and cabanas, children playhouses, potting sheds, greenhouses and more. It includes a short discussion of materials and techniques as well as some interior layout plans.


“Imagine an intimate space, beautifully furnished and outfitted with all your favorite things, where you can go to read, work, putter, sketch, drink tea with a friend, or even take a long, uninterrupted snooze.”

By the way if you’re interested in country cottages and their exquisite style and decor then you might find this Cottage Style Home Decor link quite inspiring!




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