best cottage style decor1 - Bestselling Books: Cottage Style Decorating

Bestselling Books: Cottage Style Decorating

Whether on a magical lakeside, a secluded woodland or a flowering prairie, the unique shabby-chic home decor is full of charm, nooks and crannies. Here is our favorite selection of the best selling cottage style homes – the kind of homes that many of us have always dreamed of living in – capturing the beauty and romance of cottage living.


“Imagine an intimate space, beautifully furnished and outfitted with all your favorite things, where you can go to read, work, putter, sketch, drink tea with a friend, or even take a long, uninterrupted snooze. …Now picture that room or space out in your backyard…”

Ideas for Great Backyard Cottages – Order Nowir?t=busyboo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0376010487 - Bestselling Books: Cottage Style Decorating


“Whether you just want to revel in these delightful images of outstanding cottage homes, seek inspiration for a simpler, more scaled-down lifestyle, or actually intend to build a small getaway or retirement home, The New Cottage Home holds the key to your dreams…”

New Cottage Home – Order Nowir?t=busyboo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1561583553 - Bestselling Books: Cottage Style Decorating


“The romantic elements that define the traditional cottage – a charming picket fence, colorful front-yard gardens, and an entreating front entry that grabs our eye and imagination – have made cottages a stylish option for those seeking comfy living at affordable prices…”

Classic Cottages: Simple, Romantic Homes – Order Nowir?t=busyboo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1586853325 - Bestselling Books: Cottage Style Decorating


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