tunnel of love ukraine 3 - The Tunnel of Love: A place lost in time

The Tunnel of Love: A place lost in time


Bruce Springsteen once sang: It’s easy for two people to lose each other in this tunnel of love… For me, losing myself in nature is also about finding myself, my true self. Beautiful places, like this one, seem to bring us more closer to nature; the thousand shades of green of an enchanted forest, and the canopy that stretches forever let our imagination run wild as if we were in a dream…

For me, lost train tracks have always inspired the feeling of adventure and freedom; a trail that can be followed, leading to unknown places…

Named by local people as ‘The Tunnel of Love’ is a beautiful train track, lost in time and naturally covered by trees and greenery forming a tunnel. This gorgeous place can be found in Rivne, Ukraine, and was photographed by Oleg Gordienko.



* More info at 500px.com/olgertas


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