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Urshuz: Create Your own Combo


How cool would it be if we could create our own shoes? Mix and match different colors and styles, and give a different twist to our appearance whether we’re on our way to work, the park, or a night on the town. If you haven’t heard, Urshuz can do just that!

These shoes are all about change, inviting you to be part of the footwear revolution. Urshuz (pronounced Ur shoes) were created by shoe designer, Grant Delgatty, who invented a cleaver patented looping system, that allows you to detach and reattach uppers from their sole. Originality and creativity, combined.

Inspired by the creativity of Lego building blocks, this interchangeable shoe allows you to create any number of combos, even converting it into a boot, sneaker, slide or flip flop. What a great way to express your individual style through your footwear.

The footbed is orthopedic and ergonomically contoured, and all soles are slip resistant and machine washable, made from injection molded TPR (thermo-plastic rubber); best of all, soles are 100% recyclable, so when they become worn out, simply return them to be recycled and receive a 5$ credit on your next purchase.


Today i got my first Urshuz. I was excited to try them on and see what the buzz was all about. Uppers and soles were packed separately in a recycled cardboard box, and by following the instructions on the box assembly was a breeze.

At first I wasn’t quite sure about how comfortable they will be, but after 10 minutes of walking there was no doubt in my mind – Urshuz aren’t just stylish they’re really comfortable too!

Also, they only come is whole sizes, and they run big, so keep that in mind when you order. The only thing I would change are the shoe laces, which were a bit rough and inflexible for my taste – So I did, and now they are perfect!




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