wristwatch design line 800x854 - LINE Watch Collection

LINE Watch Collection

We really like the new LINE timepiece collection designed by the award-winning British designer Samuel Wilkinson for Scottish watch brand Nomad. Each wristwatch features a new take on the typical numerical, minute and hour markings, as they are re-arranged in such a fresh way it reflects simultaneously both a classic and a contemporary look & feel. Continue reading

hayon newson watch 800x454 - Jaime Hayon & Marc Newson timepieces at Salon QP

Jaime Hayon & Marc Newson timepieces at Salon QP

November 12-14, 2015 were important dates for luxury watch designers. During this time the Salon QP, an exhibition that has established itself as Europe’s leading show for fine watches, was held in London. This year there was a special buzz in the air as top international designers Jaime Hayon and Marc Newson presented their limited edition timepieces. Jaime Hayon’s launched the Miko timepiece for Orolog and Marc Newson introduced the Hourglass. While completely different in style, both creations rely on the longstanding use of craftsmanship and traditional processes and yet add a refreshing element contemporary design. Continue reading

galaxy gear smartwatch 6 50x50 - Galaxy Gear: Calling Dick Tracy

Galaxy Gear: Calling Dick Tracy


If I see a suited man in a trench coat talking to his wrist, I would certainly pause and consider his intentions. But as it was a struggle to pick out the people who were talking to colleagues on their Bluetooth earpieces, or if they were a little unhinged, it’ll be a similar adaptation to recognize the people using their smart watches, because, such a thing exists now. Continue reading

watch take time ml5 50x50 - Take time: A playful { pocket } watch

Take time: A playful { pocket } watch


To say that Mathieu Lehaneur’s portfolio is impressive would be no over-exaggeration. In fact I got totally hooked exploring the many projects he has realized and shares on his website. Totally forgetting about time, till I stumbled upon “Take time”, or else the modern take on pocket watches the French designer came up with for Lexon. Continue reading

cool watch ziiiro celeste 50x50 - The Ziiiro Celeste: The Simplest Watch

The Ziiiro Celeste: The Simplest Watch


There is a theory that among all equal things, the simplest solution is the best. It may be that this was the design theory behind the Celeste, a hyper-simplified wristwatch from the minimalist timepiece designers, Ziiiro. The Celeste uses two shades of color to display the time: hours in a scale of gray, and minutes in an arrangement of bright blues. Removing all the various hands, minute notches, extra back lighting buttons, and stopwatch settings, the Celeste focuses on just telling the time and using the fewest frills possible. Continue reading

watch bn0042 braun 3 50x50 - BN0042 Watch: Dieter Rams for Braun

BN0042 Watch: Dieter Rams for Braun


Dieter Rams seems unmatched in the world of industrial design. His creations were so specifically impressive that their used still, or their influence on new designers is obvious. Rams’s approach is pure minimalism, removing any unnecessary frills from a product and leaving only the important information. With a watch, information is really all you want. The point is to determine the time not get caught up in extra lights or color. Continue reading

smile watch smartphone 50x50 - The Smile Watch: Wrap It

The Smile Watch: Wrap It


Sometimes I do not know the purpose of many of the world’s gadgets. It seems like we’ve reached a certain point where things can’t get any faster or any more connected. And maybe designers are starting to feel like this too, because some of them are starting to return to older ideas and revising them for modern use. The Smile Watch, an Indiegogo project, is one of these ultra-modern gadgets that refers to an older design scheme, the familiar wrist watch. Continue reading

pocket watch manometrino 50x50 - Manometrino Pocket Watch: a gentleman's piece of jewelry

Manometrino Pocket Watch: a gentleman’s piece of jewelry


I have never worn a pocket watch, but if I did, the Manometrino, forthcoming from Italian watchmaker Giuliano Mazzuoli, would be my selection. Resembling a stethoscope or a scuba diver’s regulator, the Manometrino, close to “little gauge” in Italian, looks like a gentleman’s piece of jewelry. Continue reading

digital watch nooka 50x50 - Nooka Watches: zazazoom

Nooka Watches: zazazoom


The Nooka watches are a wild set of wrist accessories. They are all adventurous redesigns of our traditional time-keeping devices. No longer are there the three hands cycling around the circle, or the easy-to-read digital numbers. Instead, the Nooka watches display the time with squares that accumulate according to the hour, or bars that slowly fill in more depending on how many minutes have gone by. While the options for Nooka are numerous, the Zub Zoo 40 and Zub Zayu stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

bluetooth watch cookoo 50x50 - Cookoo: Renewing the Wristwatch for the Digital Age

Cookoo: Renewing the Wristwatch for the Digital Age


While some might say that the smartphone removes any need for single-function devices like watches, there are others who think the long-used wristwatch can evolve into something better. Some days you may want to leave your smartphone deep in your backpack with the ringer turned off. But maybe you still want to keep abreast of all your various text messages, tweets, and Facebook posts – you just don’t want to be caught with your face pointed down to a screen and accidentally run into someone walking up to you. The watch has always been a good, quick-glance tool that would give you the time without needing to examine it for to long – one quick look, and your focused on the road again. Continue reading