tivoli audio ipal 2 - Tivoli Audio iPAL

Tivoli Audio iPAL


If you’re looking for a portable, iPod-matching AM/FM radio with a high-end 2.5-inch speaker and an exceptional high-fidelity sound, look no further then the Tivoli Audio iPAL. One of today’s hottest trends is all about new electronics resembling old electronics, so when I saw the Tivoli iPAL with its mad scientist’s laboratory retro style, I just knew that not only would it look good but sound great in my studio. Continue reading

headphones sonic chair 4 - Sonic Chair: Have You Ever Sat Inside Headphones?

Sonic Chair: Have You Ever Sat Inside Headphones?


What a great lounge furniture! just plug your iPod into the Sonic Chair and lounge the night away. Providing a unique audio experience, the sonic chair allows you to lounge at the very center of a sound system; background noises will not disrupt you and your music will hardly be audible beyond this cozy lounge chair. It’s almost like sitting inside headphones. Continue reading