automatic guitar tuner 1000x667 - Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Whether you’re a rockstar wanna-be or a true guitar strumming savant, the Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner will be your new best friend. This tool has the ability to tune your instrument by simply connecting it to your guitar peg and strumming the string. From there, allow it to do its thing, which is tune your guitar to tonal-perfection. Continue reading

4k projector sony 800x354 - Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

It is unlikely you have ever seen anything as crisp and clean as the Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector. This premium projector offers compact, state-of-the-art entertainment with unprecedented, stunning picture quality you have to see to believe. Continue reading

wifi router eero 800x534 - eero


It is unlikely anyone among us enjoys seeing that “buffering” symbol pop up on a digital screen no matter what level of Zen lifestyle you subscribe to. Which is where eero comes in, bringing us back to our center and helping us stay connected as one of the world’s first uninterrupted WiFi systems. Continue reading

car jumper smartphone charger 800x527 - JumperPack Mini

JumperPack Mini

One of the most frustrating feelings is when your car won’t start because the battery is dead. You are then dependent on someone to come and help you jump start your car, and if you are far from home or help, you might have to wait a while until help arrives. If you don’t want this to happen to you, check out the JumperPack Mini- a compact battery charger that will have your car up and running in no time. Continue reading

guitar microphone irig 800x533 - iRig Acoustic

iRig Acoustic

Playing acoustic guitar is awesome, and with IK multimedia’s newest invention players can take their talent to the next level. IK multimedia, an Italian based product design company, has invented the iRig Acoustic- the world’s first acoustic guitar mobile microphone/interface. Using the iRig players can enjoy a mobile acoustic playing and recording system with a professional sound. Continue reading

apple watch dock 800x533 - Pocket


If you own an Apple Watch, then you are going to be delighted to discover Pocket – a 6-in-1 portable charging dock for the Apple Watch. Exceptionally designed by Pedro Gomes, Pocket functions as an iPhone dock, an Apple Watch dock, a cable manager, a protective charging case for the Apple Watch, a portable battery and a simultaneous charging port. Continue reading

aa batteries recharger aaden3 800x315 - Aaden


There are so many wonderful gadgets out there that are making our digital world easier to live in. One such gadget is the Aaden- a small and compact AA battery charger. The charger consists of a minimalistic black box that houses two AA batteries and which plugs into your USB port. So whenever you run out of juice for your mouse, speakers, keyboard and the like, you can simply use your previously charged batteries and keep on going…. Continue reading

smart remote control blumoo 800x534 - Blumoo


I got excited when the first universal remote control came out, but the Blumoo makes it look pretty ancient. The Blumoo is a mobile app that transforms any smartphone or tablet into a universal remote control. Using the Blumoo you can easily control your TV, audio system, satellite box and any other home theater equipment, and you never have to worry ever again about finding the remote! Continue reading

tech gear organizer kit 800x537 - Tech Dopp Kit

Tech Dopp Kit

Wouldn’t you like all of your tech gear to fit into a cool, organized pouch? Instead of having cables running wild and disk-on-keys on the loose, you can now house them all in a designer bag called the Tech Dopp Kit. The Kit has designated spaces for rolled-up cables, pockets for a mouse and an external disk drive, room for headphones and a central zipped pocket for small items such as batteries or memory cards. Best of all, the design of the Tech Dopp Kit is simply stunning. Made from genuine leather, it has a 20th century travel bag look that is elegant and sophisticated. Continue reading

20292 preview low 747 3 20292 sc v2com 800x467 - DuPont™ Corian® Charging Surface

DuPont™ Corian® Charging Surface

Innovative technology and design have definitely come together when it comes to the Corian Charging Surface. The Corian Surface is a new technology that enables you to wirelessly charge your smart devices such as your mobile phones or tablets! It is incredibly easy to use- you simply add an adaptor ring or charging case and place your device on the Corian charging surface… and Voila! Continue reading