gaming workstation x3 1000x1000 - The X series

The X series

Welcome to “The X Series”, a workstation steeped in science fiction and staged for online gaming and wonder-workings. Designed by Svyatoslav Zbroy in order to combine technology, functionality and comfort, the X Series has reworked the wheel – so to speak. Continue reading

3 in 1 kids bed ticia 1000x533 - TICIA The Growing Bed

TICIA The Growing Bed

Although there are various versions of a “3-in-1 bed” on the marketplace, TICIA The Growing Bed definitely sets itself apart, moving from baby cradle into adult “crib” (if you will) without losing any sense of appeal. Continue reading

Sculptural Table Design In Canaletto Walnut Wood

Mizu Table

Beautifully crafted and with an external layer of Canaletto Walnut, the Mizu Table is a vision of woodworking bliss. Created by Fratelli Reifer Custom, in collaboration with eberhardesign, this wooden work of art looks more like an ocean wave than a once-tree, which is apparently what you get when you take 10 layers of 8m length wood, and bend it into a 3-dimensional vision. Continue reading

Modern Lounge Chair Design


Sitting just took a turn for the better with the intricate inner workings of SPYNDI! This choice of modern lounge chair offers diversity, function and fine art all in one, and with inspiration for this fine fellow being based on the human spine, you can be guaranteed it will deliver upon flexibility without foregoing any strength. Continue reading

multi purpose chair woodieful 800x533 - Woodieful Chair

Woodieful Chair

The Woodieful Chair is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that also appears as a visual work of art. This beautifully designed adaptation of a solitary bench was designed by Klavdiji Jarc with the ideology that wood is a natural expression of timeless elegance, and when manipulated with a vision – does not need to perish in vain. Continue reading

geometric dining table bdc 800x958 - Efasma


Never has eco-friendly furniture been woven so beautifully as the commissioned workings of Bureau de change. Hired to represent the brand Efasma, the company and designers themselves have managed to take natural materials, combine them with traditional methods of furniture making, and put a modern spin on their impeccable craftsmanship. Continue reading

dinning table tino 2 800x600 - Tino


Designed by Zaven for miniforms, the Tino dinning table offers a flexible and refreshingly diverse option to traditional tables. Although the suggestion has long been not to “reinvent the wheel”, that is exactly what Tino has done with its unique design, delivering diversity, simplicity and beauty all in one. Continue reading

wireless charging desk lamp ikea 800x416 - Wireless Charging Furniture From IKEA

Wireless Charging Furniture From IKEA

There is really no need to explain how fabulous this invention is- a pad upon which you can place your iPhone and it will charge automatically. IKEA designer David Wahl created two versions- an elongated pad, known as the Triple Pad, that simultaneously can charge three phones wirelessly, and the Work Lamp that consists of a single charging station located at the base of a desk lamp. Continue reading

stool side table frida 800x533 - Frida Stool & Side Table

Frida Stool & Side Table

Collapsible stools and tables always come in handy, especially when guests come over and you need an extra seat or when you are hosting a large party and need surface space. Designer’s Zanocchi and Starke created the Frida Stool and Side Table – designer furniture pieces that are truly on a league of their own. Continue reading

speaker cabinet caruso 800x800 - Caruso


Looking at the epic design and colors of the Caruso trumpet sound speakers, we can’t help but burst into song: “it’s all about that base, ‘bout that base”. But seriously …could genius be any more beautiful?! Continue reading