Meze 11 Deco Earphones: Contemporary Craftsmanship

Nestled in my palm is a circular white pouch adorned with the silver logo of Meze. It looks and feels like an elegant accessory sparking my curiosity to see what lies inside. Inside, a stylish pair of earphones combine a handcrafted beech wood enclosure with delicate silvery tips. Now, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but this combination intrigued me to try them on. And boy am I glad I did! Continue reading


Denim Beats by Dre: The Canadian Tuxedo Amplified


I am convinced that jeans, really denim, is something like the ideal material. I get very uncomfortable, physically and emotionally, when for some reason I wear slacks instead of my dark blue jeans that have been perfectly broken-in. It’s my ideal outfit to wear these perfectly-fitted jeans, well-worn black boots, and a rugged shirt underneath a black denim jacket. So it’d make sense for me to get the limited denim edition of the acclaimed Beats by Dre headphones. Continue reading

Parrot Zik: Become the Master of Audio


The touchscreen has transformed technology. There are some features that seem a bit comedic now, like the option to turn on clicking sounds when you press a virtual button on your iPhone. But, for the most part, we use actual physical buttons less and less. Now this seamless technology has carried over to the world of headphones. The Parrot Zik is a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for which you control the volume, song selection, stopping and starting all by specific movements of your finger on the exterior. Continue reading

Aedle headphones: the sound of french chic


The first thing you should do to familiarize yourself with Aedle, the fabulous headphones that have been haunting my design dreams, is to jump over to the “story” section of their website and watch carefully right after you come along with me in this post! It’s such a delightful view to see, not to mention artfully put together. Seeing the headphones themselves, it comes as no surprise that everything related to the company is beautifully designed to the last detail. Continue reading

V-MODA M-100 Headphones: Remixed Lifestyle


DJ, producer, and founder of V-MODA, Val Kolton had a dream to create a true high-end lifestyle brand revolving around music, fashion and audio art. Thankfully, his dream came true, bringing style-and-music-lovers designer headphones with clear, natural audiophile sound. Delivering quality design and an incredible sound, no wonder the company’s statement is: “Inspired in Italy, styled in Hollywood”. Continue reading


Throne Headphones: A Blast From The Past


When we think of music back in the 50s the first thing that springs to mind is Rock ‘n Roll – a new type of music that allowed youngsters to break out of the conservative American middle class mainstream. The design team at I-MEGO decided to pay tribute to the 50s with their new Throne headphone collection, combining vintage style with crystal clear audio and premium performance – a blast from the past. Continue reading


The earHero: Listen Like a Secret Agent


I always wear my headphones when I ride my bicycle. And I cycle around a huge, traffic-swollen city: New York. I’m usually worried on some level that I’ve disabled an important sense; it’s important to hear to be safe on a bike in New York City. But do you really want to just listen to the taxis beeping at you and rumbling, down-shifting delivery trucks instead of your favorite song?

With mechanics I don’t completely understand, but I am nevertheless excited for, earHero headphones allow you to manage your distractions without risk of accident. Continue reading

ZTONE in-ear earphones: lock in your tunes


When I caught a glimpse of the new ZTONE earphones from i-mego, I had to take a second look. Their unique award-winning design features custom-molded ear gel that form-fits and locks in your ear, delivering the perfect fit, sound quality, and style. You have to listen to it to believe it. Continue reading


Metropolitan Earphones: great sound, isolated.


Apart from its lightweight Aluminum design, what makes the new Metropolitan in ear headphones a great set has to be its memory-foam tips and retuned 10mm dynamic magnet driver. The memory-foam ear tips are extra comfortable and provide great sound isolation, while the high-performance driver provides a great boost to the treble and bass, delivering a natural full sound. Continue reading


Marshall Major Headphones: sonic impressiveness


Marshall is known for making hulking guitar amplifiers that sit on stage like skyscrapers. Stacks of speaker cabinets underneath wide, 150-Watt heads projecting mega-decibels of clear sound. It seems reasonable, then, that the company’s venture into personal audio should be just as impressive. Continue reading