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Tivoli Audio iPAL


If you’re looking for a portable, iPod-matching AM/FM radio with a high-end 2.5-inch speaker and an exceptional high-fidelity sound, look no further then the Tivoli Audio iPAL. One of today’s hottest trends is all about new electronics resembling old electronics, so when I saw the Tivoli iPAL with its mad scientist’s laboratory retro style, I just knew that not only would it look good but sound great in my studio.

Connect the iPAL radio’s auxiliary input to your iPod, CD player, laptop or any other audio device and you will not believe the sound coming out of this single-speaker unit. At 6.25 inches high and just under 4 inches wide and deep, this 3.5-pound white and silver stylish unit is small enough to slip into a backpack. By the way, the Pal in iPAL stands for Portable Audio Laboratory (*wink *wink).


The radio features the same renowned AM/FM tuner, 5:1 dial, and advanced audio circuitry that have made Tivoli Audio® radios benchmarks of the audio world. The iPAL radio’s environmentally friendly Built-in NiMH battery pack recharges in less than three hours, and offers up to 16 hours of play.

An AC adapter, a stereo mini-cable and a telescoping FM antenna which hides away nicely when not in use, are also included as well as a 1-year warranty. Bottom line: The Tivoli Audio iPAL gives you quality over quantity – definitely worth the price!


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