superadobe earth home 03 - Superadobe earth home

Superadobe earth home


Interested in sustainable living? Take a look at the earth Superadobe home by Iranian architect, Nader Khalili. Living in a house made of earth may sound a bit off-the-grid; however, earth architecture is a proven form of sustainable living. Did you know that approximately one third of the world’s population live in earth houses ? Continue reading

prefab home house plan - Straw House prefab home

Straw House prefab home


The Straw House, located in Eschenz, Switzerland, has a simple, formal shape. However, this experimental prefab is far from simple because of its highly innovative materials. Continue reading

hobbit house mushroom 2 - Hobbit House Mushroom House

Hobbit House Mushroom House


This Hobbit house is called the Mushroom House and it is located in Whistler, Canada. It took Zube, the artist and creator of this Hobbit house, 22 years to achieve and develop a house which seems as a reminiscent of Tolkien and Lewis. Continue reading

hobbit house simon dale 2 - A Hobbit house green home in Wales

A Hobbit house green home in Wales

hobbit-house-simon-daleThis amazing Hobbit house in Wales belongs to Simon Dale and his family. This is a truly green house; after four months and £3000 they moved into this Hobbit house which they built themselves from natural materials, keeping maximum regard for the environment.

This Hobbit house has been dug into a hillside for low visual impact and shelter. It’s made out of stone, mud, straw bales and wood. Continue reading