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Straw House prefab home


The Straw House, located in Eschenz, Switzerland, has a simple, formal shape. However, this experimental prefab is far from simple because of its highly innovative materials.

Made form solid panels composed of compressed straw and wood particles and a small concrete core, this prefab home is unique as well as highly sustainable. I like how the exterior is also clad in protective translucent panels, so you could see the compressed strawboard panels.


Designed by Zurich based architect Felix Jerusalem, this low cost, environment-friendly home offers three bedrooms, a kitchen/living room, bath and loft.





* More info at strohhaus


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4 thoughts on “Straw House prefab home

  1. francine duckworth

    My husband has talked about real houses made of paper. Do you have instructions for that?
    Thank you,

  2. Duane K. Medeiros

    Hi, Please send me a price list for this Straw House Prefab Unit. This is a very unique concept and very practical for the environment I want build this House at.
    Thank you and Please send me the info! DM

  3. Malco van Jarvie

    So are the side panels flat or ridged?
    How do you stop mice/rats getting in?
    What is the roof made of?

    All looks very interesting, I would like to build one!


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