book space japanese design - Space: Japanese Design Solutions

Space: Japanese Design Solutions

Space: Japanese Design Solutions, by photographer and writer Michael Freeman, is a photographic exploration of Japanese architecture and design for small spaces. This book is full of imaginative, ingenious, and revolutionary solutions combined with the well-known clean lines and modern aesthetics of Japanese architects.

This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to maximize his or her living space, as well as architecture enthusiasts and those with an interest in Japanese style. Continue reading

book urban eco chic - Urban Eco Chic

Urban Eco Chic

Urban Eco Chic: How to live in an eco-friendly way without compromising on style, by British designer Oliver Heath, helps interior designers, green builders, and homeowners make eco-friendly choices that transform the home into a sanctuary of sustainable style.

Featuring more than 100 full color photographs, this book comes in hardcover while printed on FSC-certified paper. If you’re looking to do an eco-style home makeover while balancing the elements of nature, vintage, and technology, then this is the book for you. Continue reading


Best home design books

“You can’t have too much of a good thing” and I am all for it! You see, I’ve been a book lover and a design aficionado for all my life so I thought it is high time for me to share my favorite architecture and home design books with you. Continue reading

new york magnum photos - New York by Magnum

New York by Magnum

Magnum has launched a new Edition of the giant book “New York” published by Gloria. This book is an ideal (yet expensive) gift for the passionate New Yorker, featuring the most iconic images of New York by some of the most respected photographers of our times – including 28 Magnum photographers, such as Diane Arbus, Bruce Davidson, Annie Leibovitz and Helmut Newton among others. Continue reading

book shoe fleur - Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy

Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy

Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy is an inspiring book by award-winning photographer and artist Michel Tcherevkoff. The avant-guarde concept behind this book is an outrageous imaginary collection of botanical shoes and handbags amazingly crafted out of various photographs of a single plant or flower. I’m sure Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn’t mind trotting the streets of NYC in one of these fabulous designs. Continue reading

carl warner - Carl Warner's foodscapes: good enough to eat

Carl Warner’s foodscapes: good enough to eat

While surfing the net I came across the work of photographic artist, Carl Warner. His photographic art is intriguing, taking elements out of their natural surroundings and giving them new meaning in an entirely new world, such as brown leather boots forest trees and jewelry leaves, inviting you to tread on the warm wool and enter the fantastic city beyond. Continue reading

nature photography siwanowicz1 - Nature photography by Igor Siwanowicz: glamour macro

Nature photography by Igor Siwanowicz: glamour macro

Nature photography fascinates me. Today’s digital macro photography enables us to present small animals, reptiles and insects as highly aesthetic, colorful figures full of charm and grace. Igor Siwanowicz, a talented nature photographer based in Munich, Germany, calls it “glamour macro”. He believes that through his work, people could appreciate the animals and may start to think differently of Earth and the incredible variety of life there. Continue reading

dragan hdr style 3 - Andrzej Dragan HDR technique: Painting with light tutorial

Andrzej Dragan HDR technique: Painting with light tutorial

Andrzej Dragan, a quantum physics expert from Warsaw, is definitely by far one of my favorite photographers. Check out his unique photography portfolio, presenting how this wonderful artist has mastered a technique called “Painting with Light”. Continue reading

pop up books tallen - How to make a pop-up book with a twist

How to make a pop-up book with a twist

Minnesota photographer Thomas Allen has been inspired by his childhood experiences with pop-up books and view-masters. After cutting illustrated figures out of old books and vintage novels, he then rearranges them as a 3D scene and carefully photographs the new scene.

After being raised from the book pages in 3D, the characters go back to being two-dimensional objects in the form of a photograph. Allen’s photographic work captures characters and events in mid-action, leaving the viewer to wonder what will happen next. Continue reading

beatrix potter1 - There is no Harry in this Potter movie

There is no Harry in this Potter movie

These days the name Potter immediately brings J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter to mind, but the new movie “Miss Potter” is definitely not about Harry’s mom. “Miss Potter” portrays the story of Beatrix Potter, the author of the beloved and best-selling children’s book, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, and her struggle for love, happiness and success in Victorian London. Continue reading