water bottle square 4 50x50 - The Square: a water bottle that might just be your new best friend

The Square: a water bottle that might just be your new best friend


In today’s active lifestyles we all know how important it is to keep hydrated, whether working out at the gym, hiking outdoors, or simply throughout the day doing errands, attending meetings… the list goes on and on. However, finding the perfect water bottle is not a simple task. It needs to be comfortable to carry, easy to clean, and without any of that awful metallic aftertaste some of us know so well. Meet the Square – a new kind of water bottle, born after a three-year collaboration between a group of former Apple engineers, that might just be your new best friend. Continue reading

camper trailer sylvan81 800x385 - Sylvan Camper: Coolest. Camper. Ever.

Sylvan Camper: Coolest. Camper. Ever.

This must be the coolest camper ever! Sylvan Camper to begin with is so much more than just a travel trailer. It is your most trustworthy companion, hauled behind your car, not requiring that much extra fuel when driving, thanks to it being as light as a feather could be for a construction and conception of its size. Designed and manufactured by experts in the company’s North Carolina facilities, every Go camping trailer is built by a team of highly trained craftsmen with the intention to guarantee good performance for years. Continue reading

portable grill slatgrill 50x50 - Portable grills: Supper in the wilderness

Portable grills: Supper in the wilderness


Designed by a debutante inventor, the Slatgrill is a simple solution to remote cooking and grilling. The 3 piece design is unpretentious, collapsible and infinitely portable – the heaviest version ‘The Trail’ weighs under 1.5 kilos, and the lightest ‘Summit’ only 0.6 kilos. Continue reading

city bike donkybike 5 50x50 - Donkybike: A workhorse for the workforce!

Donkybike: A workhorse for the workforce!


The Donkybike urban cycle is the reliable result of problem-solving design. It has two cargo shelves at the front and back that can be used to carry not just baguettes or onions, but significant (ie. useful) loads around when you need to. It allows you to fully enjoy the convenience, cheapness, health and Eco-friendliness of city cycling and to carry more than just the essentials. Continue reading

hammock tent tentsile 50x50 - Tentsile: Tense, not nervous

Tentsile: Tense, not nervous


The Stingray tent, the first model from new tree living concept designers Tentsile, is one of those projects you want to order next-day delivery for, and take out this weekend. It is a tension-based tent that can be strung at any height above ground, to create a womb-like tree house in with hammock genes. Continue reading

boutique hotel fox 50x50 - Hotel Fox: art and hospitality

Hotel Fox: art and hospitality


If you find yourself in the lovely city of Copenhagen try out the unique design Hotel Fox in the Latin Quarter near City Hall. This boutique lifestyle hotel features an alternative edge, where a group of international artists, graphic designers, and illustrators were flown in to transform the hotel into a hospitable art gallery. Continue reading

iceland hotel ion 50x50 - Ion: luxury adventure hotel in Iceland

Ion: luxury adventure hotel in Iceland


If you have a taste for some outdoor adventure and find yourself in Iceland, you should check out the Ion – the first 4 star adventure hotel in “the land of fire and ice”. Continue reading

tipi tent mikasi1 50x50 - Mikasi: a poetic hommage to a nomades tipi

Mikasi: a poetic hommage to a nomades tipi


Tipis seem to have been on the spotlight since some time now, have you also noticed? I do love them so for they bring playfulness and a feeling of relaxation and return to carefree childhood times whether placed inside or outside. The Mikasi tipi, by designers Sascha Akkermann and Flo Florian is a fabulous example. Continue reading

tree hotel cabin 50x50 - Tree Hotel: a frozen moment in time

Tree Hotel: a frozen moment in time


In Harads, Sweden there’s a very special hotel for nature lovers: Treehotel. An exquisite hotel experience is carefully spread between the forests in order to capture a frozen moment in time… Contemporary architecture was specially conceived to keep nature intact for a minimal environmental impact. A unique conceptual approach lead to a set of alternative solutions for the conventional hotel room: Scandinavia’s leading architects were invited to create five unique treerooms: the Cabin, the Mirrorcube, the Bird’s Nest, the Blue Cone and finally the UFO. Continue reading

bike light iflashone4 50x50 - iFlash One: Be safe

iFlash One: Be safe


Danish design group KiBiSi created a nifty yet important accessory for bicycles. It’s called iFlash One a smart compact bike light for modern day lifestyle on the go. It’s easy to mount and lights automatically – a small wonder to keep you safe. Continue reading