bike design vanmoof m25 50x50 - Van Moof M2 Collection bikes: Turning wheels, turning heads

Van Moof M2 Collection bikes: Turning wheels, turning heads


Van Moof are a Dutch boutique bike brand that have released a new generation of bike designs (M2 Collection) embedded with a ton of features whilst maintaining a coherent and clean look.

The shape of the frame is solid and distinctive, with a crossbar that protrudes slightly at front and back. The wheels are thick enough to suggest you can carry the shopping over cobbles, but not so thick as to lose their elegance.


Aside from the look however, one of the best parts of the Van Moof designs is the suite of collaboration design elements; Philips’ auto engineers contributed to the excellent 40 lux LED lights that are incorporated to the frame, Abus generated a tailor made lock, and the whole frame is anodized aluminum (minimal tarnish and low weight).


The second best aspect is then the flexibility – you can choose between dutch brakes or roller breaks, three types of gear mechanism and three types of frame shape, plus a selection of front and back carrier mechanisms. Sure it may leave you dithering for some days, but eventually you will be as contented as a Dutch yummy mummy with a fresh tulip harvest on.


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