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Sylvan Camper: Coolest. Camper. Ever.

This must be the coolest camper ever! Sylvan Camper to begin with is so much more than just a travel trailer. It is your most trustworthy companion, hauled behind your car, not requiring that much extra fuel when driving, thanks to it being as light as a feather could be for a construction and conception of its size. Designed and manufactured by experts in the company’s North Carolina facilities, every Go camping trailer is built by a team of highly trained craftsmen with the intention to guarantee good performance for years.

As a trailer it is designed to safely carry from motorbikes, to bikes, to boats, to furniture, to that fridge you had set your eyes on since some time now. Its ergonomic design allows for easy load and unload, while not having to worry a bit during transport.




Its most amazing feature though is by far its camping mode. Spectacular I must admit. Not only can someone enjoy all the pleasures of camping in nature, at a desired spot, it can also be done with great easiness, while experiencing a level of comfort that setting up a common tent just doesn’t offer.



Were you perhaps apprehended by the uneven ground under your lovely tent, or spending time removing rocks, setting up anti insect solutions in order to keep your body protected while you sleep? No need for all that any more. Just walk up to your leveled tent and feel like a king and queen, enjoying your rest and all nature has to offer.




Photography courtesy of Sylvan Camper

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