Designer Wallet 2.0


Designer Wallet 2.0 was designed by Steve Gates who thought about a new type of wallet with multi-purposes. Introducing designer Wallet 2.0: the world first silicone soft wallet. Continue reading

sd diamond engagement rings1 - Diamond engagement rings Quest for the Ring

Diamond engagement rings Quest for the Ring

diamond-engagement-ringsMy quest for that perfect diamond engagement ring ended at the Stellina d’oro jewelry store. Unique diamond engagement rings are not that easy to find, so when my ring quest finally began I was totally confused of what the World Wide Web had to offer a newbie like me regarding diamond rings in general and diamond engagement rings in particular.

My quest for that truly unique diamond engagement ring began when i decided to make that crucial move in every man’s life and propose to Rachel. Rachel and I were high school sweethearts (and no, we weren’t king and queen of the prom) and as all our friends kept telling me and i knew they were right; it was time. Continue reading


Did you hear about those retro cassette wallets?

retro-walletsOne of the biggest attributes a good designer must have is the ability to take one thing and turn it into another thing, changing it’s use altogether. To be able to combine two objects with no relevant connection and create a totally new product, well that’s pure vision. Maybe that’s why Italian designer Marcella Foschi retro wallets for men and women are all sold out at the Designboom shop. Not to worry people, Marcella is taking orders.

My guess is she probably started off by cleaning and tidying up old stuff and while holding one of her collection of old cassette tapes Continue reading

kodak digital camera 1881 - Get the new Kodak digital camera

Get the new Kodak digital camera

kodak-digital-camera-1881The new Kodak pocket sized digital camera is in fact a photo locket. The designer Lindsey Pickett describes her industrial design creation as an example for the future of wearable technology.

The new Kodak digital camera does’nt have a high-tech style but more of a nostalgic-authentic look & feel. Simply press the button and your moment is captured. Photos are saved and sent directly to your Kodak EasyShare Gallery via bluetooth internet connection. As a traditional photo locket, the new Kodak digital camera design by Lindsey Pickett displays precious memories captured as photos. You can wear the photo locket as a pendant necklace, a handbag charm or as a classic pocketwatch.