infinity scarf necklaces 5 - Necklush Infinity Scarves: fabric jewelry

Necklush Infinity Scarves: fabric jewelry


The standoff between your favorite neckpiece and that less than stellar winter scarf is never a pretty one. As you debate over function versus fashion, nine times out of ten you second guess your decision and end up wishing you had made the other choice. Thankfully now the war is over. Introducing the Necklush Infinity Scarf. This creative boho chic necklace/scarf hybrid lets you have your cake and eat it too. Continue reading

living jewelry viola 5 - Viola Living Jewels: botanical jewelry

Viola Living Jewels: botanical jewelry


Dramatic. Unique. Elegant. Chic. Viola Living Jewels is redefining the art of custom jewelry. Using nature as an element of design, no two pieces will ever be alike. The combination of metal, stone, and botanicals make these effervescent beauties a perfect fit for any style or occasion, or showcased as a statement piece that could be dressed up or down. Continue reading

wooden sunglasses shwood 4 - Shwood Wooden Sunglasses: Adventure in Style

Shwood Wooden Sunglasses: Adventure in Style


There’s something inspiring about nature. Its effortless beauty is often imitated but never duplicated, but the makers at Shwood have found a way to harness its splendor and turn it into a unique take on an everyday staple. Say goodbye to plastic gimmicky shades – these modern yet understated sunglasses are a true fashion statement. Continue reading

shopping cart hook go - Hook & Go: Let the shopping begin!

Hook & Go: Let the shopping begin!


I love to go shopping, but every time I find myself carrying at least five uncomfortable bags that really limit my hands, and let’s not forget about the weight that makes it even harder as I bounce from one store to the other. So I’ve decide to get myself the Hook & Go, and ever since I never leave home without it.

This handy shopping cart is perfect for farmer’s market, shopping malls, grocery shops, and more – That’s it, I’m hooked, let the shopping begin! Continue reading

travel alarm clock harrison - Harrison Travel Alarm Clocks: On Time, Anytime

Harrison Travel Alarm Clocks: On Time, Anytime


While traveling we have to adapt to different timetables. There’s no escape – we still need our alarm clock. The Harrison is a stylish, compact Travel Alarm Clock – the perfect item to keep you being on time while on the go.

This is a great looking clock you’d like to take with you on any trip, whether business or pleasure. It doesn’t matter where you go, what matters is you’ll be on time, anytime. Continue reading

caldera ashtray - Caldera ashtray: smoking hot

Caldera ashtray: smoking hot


Even though smoking is not considered “fashionable” or “politically correct”, I still like the romantic concept of smoke-filled salons of the roaring 20’s, filled with authors and artists drinking excessively, smoking and dancing the Charleston.
Though its design is definitely more modern, the Caldera ashtray caught my eye because I could see it fitting in nicely in any party situation – bar, dining room or lawn. Though I wouldn’t recommend smoking to anyone, if you do have a need for an ashtray, at least use the Caldera and put your butts out with style. Continue reading

small wallet dosh 4 - Dosh Wallets: Something To Be Proud Of

Dosh Wallets: Something To Be Proud Of


Are you also one of those people who take out their wallet, mumbling it’s time to get a new one, but you never do? Perhaps the reason is there’s nothing good out there. Except Dosh – a wallet that is new and refreshing, with a unique design, really giving a new look and interpretation to the concept of wallets. Finally, a wallet to be proud of. Continue reading

leather flask lighter gift set - Leather Flask & Lighter Gift Set: Classy Sins

Leather Flask & Lighter Gift Set: Classy Sins


Whether we agree on it or not, smoking and drinking is part of our modern lives, so we might as well do it with elegance and style. This gorgeous leather flask and lighter gift set will make sure you look your best when you’re “Oh so bad”.

The beautiful Beau Monde flask holds eight ounces of your favorite drink in its leather covered, stainless steel body. The satin silver lighter will amaze you with its torch flame, lit by a single action ignition. Both items can also be engraved so be sure to create a completely personalized gift when you order it. One word – Classy. Continue reading

magnetic work gear magnogrip 3 - MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband: Handy

MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband: Handy


The fact that I’m left handed as far as using any tool on my own, should not keep me from treating my DIY friends. The Magnetic Wristband is such a simple and smart gadget that any tool man (or woman) would love to have, you know just in case.

It’s actually a magnetic wristband that keeps tools on your wrist while you work – Ideal for holding nails, screws, fasteners, wrenches and small tools. Finish jobs in less time and with less frustration. Oh, and by the way, there’s also a Pink one for the ladies – extremely handy. Continue reading

pill box set move - Move: One Set – 4 Products

Move: One Set – 4 Products


The Move is the ultimate example for less is more. Combining 4 different usages to one set, the Move serves as your money clip and credit card holder, your key holder and a place to keep your pills. Rarely do we see such a unique set that addresses four major aspects of our daily routine; the move is definitely putting high standard with its classic, minimalist design that will have you sorted while looking sharp and stylishly modern. Continue reading