sleeping pillow ostrich l3 50x50 - The Ostrich Pillow: The Ultimate Sleep Aid

The Ostrich Pillow: The Ultimate Sleep Aid


My first experience with the Ostrich Pillow was a photo someone took on a plane of a man using it for great leisure. The caption of the photo was “The most comfortable man in the world,” and I can only assume that is how you would feel using the Ostrich Pillow. Continue reading

black leather touchscreen gloves 1000x1090 - Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves: fashion & function

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves: fashion & function

Perhaps the first designs for the smartphone didn’t take into consideration a vulnerability to the weather. But rarely is the world of consumer electronics first and foremost conscious of nature. For touchscreen technology to function, a certain texture is needed, and it happens that most of the gloves we wear in the winter aren’t suitable for touchscreen conduction. With this problem in mind, Dutch company Mujjo spent rather obsessive hours determining which material would allow us to use our smartphones without ever removing our gloves in the cold. Continue reading

tag necklace efva2 50x50 - "Make love not war" tags: A mix of humor and irony in jewelry design

“Make love not war” tags: A mix of humor and irony in jewelry design


How may times do we hear the expression “Make love not war” only to wish it would actually take place more often in reality? Multi talented designer Efva Attling is spreading the words of peace and love in a totally unconventional way, calling irony to take her side. She’s using a unisex stamped tag necklace with the message in embossed printing. The tags remind of military badges and here lies the first part of the irony: to write an in fact peaceful message on a symbol of the army. Continue reading

furoshiki fabrics tlc 50x50 - Furoshiki designs: Sustainable packaging eat your heart out

Furoshiki designs: Sustainable packaging eat your heart out


Furoshiki (pronounced fu-rosh-ki) are traditional fabric squares with many personalities used for carrying, well, for whatever you so wish to carry. The Link Collective is a company that gives these simple pieces a desirable edge by commissioning designers worldwide. Continue reading

levis commuter jeans 50x50 - Levi's commuter collection: Style meets function for cyclists

Levi’s commuter collection: Style meets function for cyclists


I love riding my bicycle. And as much as I enjoy driving, the act of moving my feet into cyclic movements in order to bring me forward and being responsible for my own balance somehow brings a sense of taking my life in my own hands. Watching parts of favorite neighborhoods move slowly beside and before me, brings a value in the appreciation of time. Continue reading

running belt flipbelt 50x50 - FlipBelt: Less Jiggly, more Puff

FlipBelt: Less Jiggly, more Puff


Listen to sick beats while you run? Need to take some sugar to the Saturday bootcamp? Tired of leaving the keys under the mat? Savvy sportspeople are more and more in need of pockets to carry essentials when working out. The nature of modern sports and sportswear (think super skinny Lycra) can mean that pockets are not big enough or safe enough to carry heavier items like phones, keys, medication and cash. FlipBelt, by Level Terrain, fulfills these needs, simple. Continue reading

wind rain umbrella blunt 32 50x50 - Blunt Umbrellas: dressed to impress

Blunt Umbrellas: dressed to impress


Aerodynamic, slick, modern, durable, strong, and unlike their rainbow colored twirling competitors, the Blunt umbrella collection is dressed to impress and comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Built to withstand the most aggressive tantrums of nature, its unique tension system distributes Blunt’s strength to precise key points that make this umbrella resilient to shield you from the roughest elements. Continue reading

reebok bb 4600 5 50x50 - Reebok BB 4600 Cinema Pack

Reebok BB 4600 Cinema Pack


Creative juices were definitely brewing at the Reebok headquarters when the concept idea of paying homage to classic films by shoes hit the table. The latest edition to the Reebok Cinema Pack Collection is the Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark inspired BB 4600. The BB 4600 is by far the best shoe to come out of the Cinema Pack (strictly my opinion). If ambitiously charismatic colorways are more up your alley, then the Purple Rain or Tron: Legacy cinema kicks may be closer to your cup of tea- for all others there is the BB 4600. Continue reading

tool box peera 2 50x50 - Peera: Bench & Tool Box

Peera: Bench & Tool Box


That’s something that men in style and women who are not afraid of drillers will most probably equally love. There’s nothing that I dread more than unstylish moments. No, I wish not to wait till repairs in our home are almost over, so that tool boxes and stools are put away. For me style happens every single minute of our lives and having to mend things in our living residences is part of life. So, I guess I’d better do it all in style.

I only choose tools that are both functional and also appeal to me. Same goes for their storage. You can imagine my excitement when I came across Peera, this super pretty wooden stool, which paired with its aluminum case, it also makes a mostly practical tool storage box, that has nothing to be jealous of concerning style and beauty! Continue reading

bubble umbrella felixrey 50x50 - Felix Rey Umbrellas: cheeky

Felix Rey Umbrellas: cheeky


Here’s a fashionable winter accessory for all you urban dwellers with a quirky taste. Combine it with a cool looking outfit and you’ll look and feel one of a kind. I’m talking about the adorable bubble umbrella collection by Felix Rey. With its capsule shape to help you shield off all angles of blowing rain, and its transparent and cheeky design, there’s nothing sweeter to protect you on a rainy day. Continue reading