sd diamond engagement rings1 - Diamond engagement rings Quest for the Ring

Diamond engagement rings Quest for the Ring

diamond-engagement-ringsMy quest for that perfect diamond engagement ring ended at the Stellina d’oro jewelry store. Unique diamond engagement rings are not that easy to find, so when my ring quest finally began I was totally confused of what the World Wide Web had to offer a newbie like me regarding diamond rings in general and diamond engagement rings in particular.

My quest for that truly unique diamond engagement ring began when i decided to make that crucial move in every man’s life and propose to Rachel. Rachel and I were high school sweethearts (and no, we weren’t king and queen of the prom) and as all our friends kept telling me and i knew they were right; it was time.

The web is full of diamond rings stores, some of them make you close that page thinking “no way, am i gonna buy anything here” while some of these diamond jewelry stores make a really good impression. So, i don’t know about you but when I’m looking for that unique diamond engagement ring, i want to make a really good impression too.

After a small research i knew i had to focus on a solitaire diamond ring and pay attention to the three C’s; cut, clarity and color of the diamond. I already knew the limits of my budget; what can i say, I’m just a regular kind of guy (not loaded or anything), so when i found Stellina d’oro jewelry store i knew that my quest for that unique diamond engagement ring has come to an end.

The Stellina d’oro online jewelry store is stylish and full of gorgeous diamond rings; from diamond engagement rings to wedding and anniversary rings; from solitaire diamond rings to three-stone diamond rings and more. They provide you with free FedEx shipping, an appraisal (which is like a certificate with all the diamond ring details), a free gift packaging, 15 days money back guarantee and a full lifetime warranty. What more can you ask for?!

And then i saw the ring. It was exactly what i was looking for. A beautiful princess cut diamond engagement ring; classic and elegant. A brilliant choice! You all know the rest of the story. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, excited boy gets down on one knee, takes out a small gift package and to cut a long story short: She said Yes!


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    Princess cut diamond ring is my favorite ring ever! It’s beautiful, sophisticated and everlasting! Thanks for the info!


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