aerios daypack 14 3 - Aerios Daypack 14: All In One

Aerios Daypack 14: All In One


Aerios Daypack 14 is the ultimate backpack for any outdoor daily activity. It may seem too small, but don’t be mislead by its appearance; this magical backpack has some serious tricks in its sleeves.

The external stretch-mesh kangaroo pocket is able to take a surprising amount of gear; there’s a modular bungee system for compression or cargo hauling expandability, and a modular waist belt that can be positioned higher on the abdomen for superior bounce control. When you add-in all these amazing features you can see this backpack has quite an impressive internal volume – everything you can ask for in a single light-weight backpack. Continue reading

backpack chair cooler 2 - Backpack Chair with Cooler: Kick Back and Chillax

Backpack Chair with Cooler: Kick Back and Chillax


If you asked any guy what will make it on their perfect gift list, this chair would probably be on their “top five most wished for items”. It was a gorgeous day outside and my partner decided that this is the perfect day for a hike. As I’m a trooper, I decided this could be an excellent outdoor activity we can both enjoy. As I thought about the gear I need to take with me, he called me into the garage and proudly showed me his latest purchase – The Ultimate Backpack Chair with Cooler. For a second there I wasn’t sure how to react, but then I realized – It’s genius, that’s what it is. Continue reading

camping gear tool logic4 - Tool Logic SLP2: Pack In The Bag

Tool Logic SLP2: Pack In The Bag


Check out this cool device by Tool Logic – it’s a folding knife with flashlight and fire starter that fits anywhere and should make life easier for any outdoor activity. The device is made of stainless steel; the flashlight is waterproof and detachable, powered with four 1.5 volt batteries. I really love it since it is small and multi functional. Continue reading

adventure tent apex3 - Apex 2XT Adventure Tent: Everything's Covered

Apex 2XT Adventure Tent: Everything’s Covered


Tents come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties; from the high-tech models used by mountain climbers, to the multi-room cabin tents designed for family camping. Hikers or cyclists, who are touring and are constantly on the move, will need a tent that is lightweight, easy to erect and portable. The Eureka Apex 2XT Adventure Two-Person Tent meets all these requirements and has other important features, such as: a built in floor, waterproof coated material, ventilation, extra strong zippers and much more. Continue reading

camping cookset pinnacle 4 - Camping Comfort: Pinnacle Dualist Cookset

Camping Comfort: Pinnacle Dualist Cookset


If you are a keen camper, then the Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist Cookset, manufactured by GSI, should be one of the basic items included in your outdoor gear. Stylish and extremely practical this set contains everything needed for cooking, eating, and drinking coffee. Considering everything that you get in the kit, it packs up small, is made of fantastic materials and of course has “Teflon” non stick coating. Continue reading

lodge dutch ovens - Lodge Dutch Oven

Lodge Dutch Oven


When you’re out in the wilderness – camping, hiking, mountain biking or white water rafting – best way to end your day is with a home cooked meal, and the best way to go about it is with a Dutch oven – an enamel or cast iron pot with lid that comes in various sizes and can be used over an open fire. What a great way to enjoy an outdoor adventure, by yourself or with friends and family, just like old times with some cowboy cooking style! Continue reading

suv minivan tents - Camping SUV Tents

Camping SUV Tents


From now on when you’re going camping you can quickly transform your SUV, minivan or station wagon into a comfortable home away from home. Continue reading

urban camping - Urban Campgrounds

Urban Campgrounds


Antwerp-Based architecture firm, Import Export, designed a mobile, multi-level steel structure to be placed in urban areas. This model enables the new concept of UC – Urban Camping – A small scale form of camping in cities around the world. Continue reading

travel backpack tidypack - Travel Tidypack

Travel Tidypack

No matter where you go or how you travel, the Tidypack, by backpacker Marit Lien, is a unique rucksack or an expandable wandering wardrobe, that eliminates packing and unpacking while you’re traveling – Now you can keep your belongings tidy without always searching your travel bag through the bottom. Continue reading

privatepark - Privatepark



The Privatepark by Belgian designer Marina Bautier, is a foldaway, quilted cotton seat to take out to the garden, park or beach. Unfolded, it creates a personal space to lounge freely and enjoy a sunny day at the park. Continue reading