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Travel Tidypack

No matter where you go or how you travel, the Tidypack, by backpacker Marit Lien, is a unique rucksack or an expandable wandering wardrobe, that eliminates packing and unpacking while you’re traveling – Now you can keep your belongings tidy without always searching your travel bag through the bottom.

travel-backpack-tidypackThe Tidypack makes packing, keeping and carrying all your belongings more simple, especially when your plan is to move on in a few days. While you’re wandering from cabin to cabin in the mountains or even on a weekend trip, it’s important that you easily find what you’re looking for. What a relief not messing around with your luggage, especially when all you want is to relax after a delightful day trip.

While you’re packing, simply extend the shelves by hanging it over a door, disperse the clothes in the shelves, close the rucksack and you are ready to go. When you reach your next destination, just extend the shelves and hang it over a door. The rucksack features a main compartment for the wardrobe system, two side pockets, one front pocket, a lid pocket and a lower, waterproof compartment for carrying wet towels and shoes.

It’s comfortable to carry around while the system, based on a new range of rucksacks used in the Norwegian Army, gives an excellent weight distribution and can be individually adjusted to your back. It measures: 75cm H x 35cm W x 30cm D with a capacity of 80 liters.



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