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Tool Logic SLP2: Pack In The Bag


Check out this cool device by Tool Logic – it’s a folding knife with flashlight and fire starter that fits anywhere and should make life easier for any outdoor activity. The device is made of stainless steel; the flashlight is waterproof and detachable, powered with four 1.5 volt batteries. I really love it since it is small and multi functional.

As a self respecting backpacker I go through the same experience every time I’m looking for traveling gear – searching for the smallest, most compact equipment to easily fit in my backpack. Most times I find myself compromising and even leaving essentials out of my backpack since they take up so much space. So you can imagine my loving reaction to this device that you can operate with one hand!

No more excuses to conveniently “forgetting” basic gear when we’re going on our camping adventures. This is something for any of us to take along on any outdoor activity we encounter, such as hiking, camping and backpacking.



The most surprising thing in this device – the magnesium alloy fire starter rated for 1,000 strikes with the capacity to throw off a shower of sparks at over 2,500 degrees even when wet… It even has a whistle, which is a must thing to have for any trouble that might arise when you’re out there…


The knife, with its 3-inch razor sharp blade, is very useful and isn’t threatening to have or use at all… We all know that a good knife is something that always comes in handy, and I mostly refer to the watermelon we want to eat after an exhausting hike, but never have the knife to cut it…
There are 3 measures to check this type of gear: Do we need it? Will we use it? Will we remember to bring it with us every time? YES, YES and YES.


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