backpack chair cooler 2 - Backpack Chair with Cooler: Kick Back and Chillax

Backpack Chair with Cooler: Kick Back and Chillax


If you asked any guy what will make it on their perfect gift list, this chair would probably be on their “top five most wished for items”. It was a gorgeous day outside and my partner decided that this is the perfect day for a hike. As I’m a trooper, I decided this could be an excellent outdoor activity we can both enjoy. As I thought about the gear I need to take with me, he called me into the garage and proudly showed me his latest purchase – The Ultimate Backpack Chair with Cooler. For a second there I wasn’t sure how to react, but then I realized – It’s genius, that’s what it is.

The Ultimate Backpack Chair with Cooler, by Rio Gear, has some really cool features: Its collapsible aluminum frame chair adjusts to 5-positions from upright to full recline with a “towel rack” folding support bar on the back of the seat; it carries easily on your back with adjustable padded shoulder straps, keeping your hands free; its weight capacity is 240 lbs (but that will never happen…); it has a thick removable cushioned headrest, a sling lace-up cover as well as foldable drink and cell-phone holders and a hook for hanging bottle when transporting.

And last but not least, in all its glory, the best feature of them all – an easy to access pouch and insulated beverage compartment on the back of the seat – what more could we possibly ask for?


This was the perfect day for hiking; even better, the perfect rest on the very top. Resting and chilling, I thought to myself, what a great gift to give to all my friends who love camping, hiking or anything else that includes the great outdoors. Heck, this could be the best gift to give Santa too…


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One thought on “Backpack Chair with Cooler: Kick Back and Chillax

  1. Frank Morimoto

    Greetings, it says it folds easily by holding the top of the back of the chair, and the front of the seat. Yet it doesn’t appear to want to close. Is there a trick to folding the chair? Or does it just take a bit of effort. It was a gift and I don’t want to break it.


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