mountain bike bergmonch 5 - Bergmoench Mountain Bike

Bergmoench Mountain Bike


Bergmoench mountain bikes are awesome! You carry a rucksack up the mountain, unfold it in two minutes into a two wheeler downhill device par excellence, and then swoosh back down in an adrenaline-fueled thrill. Continue reading

portable speaker cyfi 3 - CyFi Portable Speaker

CyFi Portable Speaker


If you enjoy biking, hiking or any other outdoor activity but want to enhance the experience up by a notch, here’s a great gadget from CyFi; it’s a wireless sports speaker, that weighs less than 4 ounces and can easily be mounted on your bike handlebars, backpack, etc. Continue reading

lightweight folding bike - Mu SL Bike

Mu SL Bike


If you’re looking to fly by traffic on your morning commute or simply enjoy a ride around the park, then look no further than the ultra-light, fast-folding, great-looking Mu SL bike from Dahon …and at only 18.3 lb, these bike will bring a smile to your face as soon as you pick them up and take them for a spin. Continue reading

wishbone running bike 2 - Wishbone running bike

Wishbone running bike


The Wishbone Bike, by toymaker Richard Latham, is the ultimate children’s pre-bike. Based on the German-designed “running bike”, its unique design enables it to evolve with a child’s different stages of development, creating an innovative 3-bikes-in-1: from a tricycle to a mid-sized two-wheeler to a larger two-wheeler. Continue reading

dirtsurfer inline board 4 - Dirtsurfer inline board

Dirtsurfer inline board


If you’re into surfing or snowboarding then you should try the Australian Dirtsurfer, a two-wheeled inline board with great fluid-turning motion. With two in-line 20″ wheels and no secondary truck system, the Dirtsurfer leans with the rider giving you that free-flowing feeling while you’re linking turns downhill. I have got to get me one of these! Continue reading

les ateliers ruby helmets 6 - The Pavillion Collection by Les Ateliers Ruby

The Pavillion Collection by Les Ateliers Ruby


I was very intrigued to see what fabulous item arrives in a stylish red box like this one. So, what’s in the red box, you ask – It’s a ‘must have’ motorcycle helmet by Paris-based, Les Ateliers Ruby, the leading brand for exceptional accessories committed to keeping you safe as well as looking good while you’re on the move. Continue reading

electric cycle ego 2 - Electric eGO Cycle

Electric eGO Cycle


The eGO Cycle is an electric cycle that travels silently, pollution free and as fast as 20 miles per hour, for as far as 25 miles on a single charge. This unique electric cycle has an on-board charger which allows “refueling” at any outlet for 10 cents worth of electricity – the eGO Cycle costs less than half a cent per mile to drive. Continue reading

bicycle paulsmith - Bicycles by Chanel and Paul Smith

Bicycles by Chanel and Paul Smith


The advancement of global warming did not exclude these two top fashion designers from jumping on the eco-friendly wagon. Let me introduce you with the Chanel and Paul Smith designer bicycles. Continue reading

mobile mini scooter 2 - Mobile mini scooter

Mobile mini scooter


Check out the mobile micro scooter by Simon Koenig and Martiin Ruegg. It’s called the Butterfly because it transforms from a tiny cocoon to a “butterfly” in seconds. Continue reading

cycle bag 2 - Cycle Bag

Cycle Bag


Israeli Bezalel industrial design student, iohanna pani came up with the Cycle; a bike saddle that can be carried as a backpack preventing your bike saddle from being stolen. Continue reading