glassbulb lamp oooms 22 50x50 - Glassbulb Lamp from OOOMS

Glassbulb Lamp from OOOMS


Playing around with design can sometimes bring out the most creative of combinations. For example, when I think about a glass of nice Bordeaux, I find myself daydreaming about soft lighting and a relaxing ambiance… and there you have it, all combined in one beautiful product by The Netherlands-based design studio called Oooms.

What started as an assignment at The Design Academy, became a unique pendant lamp shaped like a wineglass. First, it serves as a lamp, but when the lamp is burned out (after approx. 20.000 hours), the glass can start its second life as a wineglass. How lovely, and Eco-friendly too. Continue reading

stephen kenn inheritance 21 - the Inheritance Collection from Stephen Kenn

the Inheritance Collection from Stephen Kenn


What better way to break the rules than bringing the most stylish military chic into your living room. The Inheritance collection by Stephen Kenn does just that and more, presenting a contemporary look at the world of military.

Featuring a sofa, loveseat, chair & ottoman, chaise lounge, and more, this smart collection explores rustic materials, prints, stitching and natural wear, that will transport you into a different time. No doubt, this seating collection brings out the fashionable side of history while unraveling stories from the past. Continue reading

wall organizer hangup - Hang Up Wall Organizer from Vuur

Hang Up Wall Organizer from Vuur


Tired of clutter? Are you looking to keep those small things, like mail, keys, and wallets, out of the way but still within reach? – Check out Hang Up by Jeremiah Albrecht from Vuur. This is no ordinary wall hook, it’s a stylish wall organizer with a slim fit and a great design! Continue reading