wall organizer hangup - Hang Up Wall Organizer from Vuur

Hang Up Wall Organizer from Vuur


Tired of clutter? Are you looking to keep those small things, like mail, keys, and wallets, out of the way but still within reach? – Check out Hang Up by Jeremiah Albrecht from Vuur. This is no ordinary wall hook, it’s a stylish wall organizer with a slim fit and a great design!

Perfect for behind doors and tight spaces, Hang Up hangs jackets, scarves, bags, and hats, while holding gloves, wallets, cellphones, mail, books, and more. It’s constructed of steel and coated with a durable powder coat finish in black or white gloss. Dimensions: length 2′-0″, width 3″, height 4.5″.


Meet The Designer
Jeremiah Albrecht / Vuur

Jeremiah Albrecht started Vuur to bring his passion for good design and modern furniture to life. Located at Northeast Minneapolis in an up and coming area with many local artist and design companies, we caught up with Jeremiah to discuss his inspirations and creative process.

Hi Jeremiah,
What inspired you to get involved in product design?

I was a painter in high school and received a scholarship to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. When I had to pick my classes for my first semester I notice a class in furniture design and thought it would be fun. After my first class I was hooked. Before that I know nothing about product design and I am now cursed with obsessing about it. Being able to challenge myself constantly keeps me inspired.

Describe your style and approach to design

I am a form follows function kind of guy. After studying abroad in Italy I realized how important product design was. In Europe it is everywhere you look. Aesthetics and problem solving was a way of life there. I have been designing interiors for over 14 years now and look at product design more holistic than individual. I consider the environment it is in as much as the actual product.

How does an idea come to life? (describe your creative process, what materials do you work with, etc.)

I am one of those “doodlers”. I am constantly sketching ideas night and day. It could be at a restaurant or even a dream I had, yes I even dream about design. I have even had to save receipts that contain a possible idea. After an idea is generated it is the typical research and development phase, than off to prototyping. Many people do not realize how important prototyping is. There are hundreds of ideas that become dead quick because they will be hard or expensive to make. You typically end up making way more prototypes than initially intended, no matter how well you engineer it on the computer. It can even get primitive, glue and paper can sometimes make the best model.

What inspired you in creating Hang Up?

Being a small start-up company I wanted to create a small and inexpensive product first. It needed to solve a current problem. In particular, one problem most people encountered in today’s busy lifestyle. After a couple hours brainstorming a common topic came up, where to put your crap. From mail to coats, everyone has their own unloading spot. I typically tossed it on the counter and on occasion would frantically try to it on the way out the door.

After pin pointing the problem came the fun part, researching what is out there and what is not being addressed. It needed to be close to the front door, durable and of course functional. It ended being mounted on the wall to take up as little space as possible. Steel was the material of choice due to the durability and atheistic properties. Using a plastic would have been less durable and the start-up cost would be very expensive due to the molding cost.

What would you consider to be your most challenging project and why?

Starting my own company has been the hardest project by far. You have to weigh a hundred things by just making one product; cost, shipping, what color, how many, how to sell them. If you are designing for someone else it is much easier. It is their money and you do not pick it apart every second. It is hard to design something you love and hope it sells.

Who is your favorite designer?

Eero Saarinen has always been an inspiration in my career. I had a chance a few years ago to visit the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri and was amazed at his attention to detail and design sense. He found a way to make his designs timeless. I would love to see my design hip generations later.

What’s new at Vuur Design?

We are currently working on some new fire pit designs as well as a bar stool.



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