inflatable lighting fixture im 1000x750 - Blow Me Up Light

Blow Me Up Light

Looking to be blown away? Because the Blow Me Up Light may just do that. This inflatable light, by the amazingly talented German industrial designer Ingo Maurer, delivers a flexible lighting system that is also referenced to as a ‘glowing air hose’. Its capabilities include various mounting options – whether overhead, fastened to the wall, or simply floating on a table – there is seemingly no limit to this bright idea. Continue reading

book lamp shelf lililite 1000x667 - LiliLite


If you are a “read in bed” type of person, than LiliLite by Thijs Smeets is your new best friend! This little lady is the ultimate addition to any bedroom, shedding light on the latest book you just can’t put down. Continue reading

outdoor oil lamps nl 800x1200 - Poppy


Make your yard or tabletop “pop” with Poppy – a sleek oil-based floor, lawn or table lamp sure to please. Inspired by a field of tall poppies, these outdoor lamps offer smooth lines, an elegant elongated stem-shape, and flaming crowns that will set your evening aglow with a freshly lit look. Continue reading

modern lighting foam cloud 800x534 - Foam Cloud

Foam Cloud

Welcome to Foam Cloud, a Photography Museum in Amsterdam offering three various clouds of light that are situated in a variety of spaces throughout the exhibit, highlighting different aspects of this Netherlands’ novelty. Continue reading

portable lamp guidelight 800x1199 - Guidelight


From the delightful packaging to the priceless product itself, Guidelight is not just a staple lighting option, but a lifestyle piece you won’t want to live without! Whether utilizing this versatile light for camping, bedtime stories, an outdoor wedding soiree or a rousing games night amidst friends, this portable lamp is a source of well-lit soft light. Continue reading

floor lamp snowball nl 800x1200 - Northern Lighting photo shoot in Berlin

Northern Lighting photo shoot in Berlin

The guys at Northern Lighting went for a photo shoot in one of Berlin’s urban apartments. I love the industrial feeling of the different materials – concrete floors, exposed brick walls – and how the entire space is complemented by the various lighting fixtures of Norway-based ‘mood makers’ Northern Lighting. Continue reading

hanging lighting fixtures lg 800x534 - Larose Guyon Lighting Fixtures

Larose Guyon Lighting Fixtures

Perhaps you have thought a certain piece of jewelry would make the ideal full-sized lighting fixture, but laughed at such an idea as more of a passing silly notion rather than something that could actually come to fruition. Well, Larose Guyon took such a “silly notion” and made it an astoundingly beautiful reality. This dynamic duo “lights up a room” in ways like no other, designing lighting fixtures that add an attractive nature to any atmosphere. Continue reading

unique table lamp misha 800x580 - Misha Lamp

Misha Lamp

Taeg Nishimoto is a Japanese and American architect, designer and educator. His work continuously explores the relationships between different materials, objects and spaces. The Misha Lamps are part of a series of investigations into the behavior of fabric in lighting. The white fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and it is meticulously formed to provide a shape with a rich play of shadow and light. Continue reading

wireless charging desk lamp ikea 800x416 - Wireless Charging Furniture From IKEA

Wireless Charging Furniture From IKEA

There is really no need to explain how fabulous this invention is- a pad upon which you can place your iPhone and it will charge automatically. IKEA designer David Wahl created two versions- an elongated pad, known as the Triple Pad, that simultaneously can charge three phones wirelessly, and the Work Lamp that consists of a single charging station located at the base of a desk lamp. Continue reading

desk ceiling lamp cage 800x546 - Tull Metal Cage Desk & Ceiling Lamp

Tull Metal Cage Desk & Ceiling Lamp

The light fixture you choose for your home or office can truly help set the tone for the space. This is especially true of the Tull Metal Cage Desk or Ceiling Lamp. The light fixtures, designed by a young and promising Italian designer named Tommaso Caldera, definitely command attention. Their design is a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional lamps commonly found in workshops and the execution is simply outstanding. Continue reading