wifi streamer chromecast 50x50 - Chromecast: The Browser's Best Friend

Chromecast: The Browser’s Best Friend


Although the abundance of Android smartphones has made watching Netflix and YouTube on a very small screen ubiquitous, Google is attempting to enhance the viewing experience for consumers with the Chromecast. Designed like a standard USB thumb drive, the Chromecast plugs into any HDTV, connects to an accessible Wi-Fi signal and streams video content from just about every source available. Continue reading

outdoor movie system cinebox3 50x50 - The Cinebox: Inspire the Next Scorsese

The Cinebox: Inspire the Next Scorsese


I’ve always tried to make whatever television or computer setup I have resemble a movie theater as much as possible. I dreamed of pocket projects that would blast a film onto my old, completely white college dorm room wall. I bought big, external monitors for my laptop that sit high above my bed to produce a somewhat cavernous cinematic feel. Knowing of celebrities that built home theaters in their houses with soda cup holders and unlimited popcorn, I cannot help but think I will never have an impressive setup such as theirs. Continue reading

sifteo cubes games 3 50x50 - Sifteo Cubes: Gaming the Past into the Present

Sifteo Cubes: Gaming the Past into the Present


For all our adventures into the digital, there’s something undeniably perfect about a really tactile gaming experience. I remember having to spend almost an hour setting up complicated board games with three-dimensional pieces, and there is nothing more satisfying than watching a Jenga tower wobble and fall. And in a way, the Sifteo Cubes is a digital recreation of this older, more tactile gaming world. Continue reading

solar charge pack gz 50x50 - Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack: Let the Sun Shine On

Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack: Let the Sun Shine On

Book-sized solar panel, plus battery pack, plus USB inlet, equals technology in the wild. The Guide 10 Solar Panel Charge pack from Goal Zero will allow business travelers, freelance creatives and intrepid explorers to keep electronic devices alive even when far from a socket. Continue reading

hdtv antenna leaf 4 50x50 - Leaf HDTV Antenna: Paper Thin

Leaf HDTV Antenna: Paper Thin


Little did I know that HDTV signals are broadcast over the air, and they don’t need expensive digital cable and satellite TV services to transmit to your home. But who would want to use the old antenna that looks like kite skeletons? No longer does Dad need to risk his life out on the roof to pivot the antenna in a storm to receive a signal. Continue reading

environment monitor lapka 50x50 - Lapka Personal Environment Monitor: Sixth senses have arrived

Lapka Personal Environment Monitor: Sixth senses have arrived


The Lapka personal environment monitor is ready to provide you with a whole lot of information about your immediate surrounding that you didn’t get to see before. Unlike anything else on the market really, this device is a gadget that measures radiation, electromagnetic fields, humidity and ‘organicness’(chemical presence) in anything you touch. It then links to your iPhone and generates live recordings on an app, powered only by the phone without the need for extra cables or batteries.
Pretty.damn.neat. Continue reading

segway x2 50x50 - Segway X2: Over the River and Through the Woods

Segway X2: Over the River and Through the Woods


I’ve never ridden a Segway, I’ve always found people piloting them to look rather foolish, and I have no idea how they work. But after seeing a family whip down the beach on the two-wheeled vehicles, (I’m not even sure that’s an accurate name for the mode of transportation), and watching mall security guards have a little too much fun wheeling by clumps of misbegotten teens, I think it’s time I revise my opinion. Continue reading

apple mac pro 3 50x50 - The 2013 Mac Pro: Look Ahead

The 2013 Mac Pro: Look Ahead


Never mind the criticisms that Apple’s innovation in personal computing is stagnating. Take one look at the design of the new Mac Pro that will be released later this year, and it will be clear that Apple is looking forward. Their strength and notable difference with competitors has always been product design. Here is the real, startling feature of the new Mac Pro. There’s no real reason to conform a desktop design to the standard rectangular shape, so Apple shunned the convention. The Mac Pro’s design is cylindrical, like skyscraper that ignores the mass produced box-shaped buildings around it for something more specific and original. Continue reading

power cable powerpod 3 50x50 - Powerpod: Power to the people (and their many appliances)

Powerpod: Power to the people (and their many appliances)


The Powerpod by Coalesse is essentially a multi-plug adapter with a bit of a boost in the looks department. A six plug socket is hidden under a round pot with only an on/off switch to give it away. Continue reading

seagate central storage 2 50x50 - Seagate Central: For Our Big Data

Seagate Central: For Our Big Data


It’s a heavy burden to sometimes think about the fact that our personal data is starting to be measured in terabytes – that’s 1,000 gigabytes. Thought of another way, that’s close to a half a million songs, or a slightly fewer films, innumerable eBooks, documents, and maybe a few hundred games for the idle moment. To accommodate such large libraries of media, you could stock-up on external hard drives and create your own collection, maybe paint them to remember which hold what types of files.

Or, defer to the Seagate Central, instead. Continue reading