motorola smartphone ara 50x50 - Ara: The Custom Smartphone

Ara: The Custom Smartphone


Smartphones may have reached a stasis for the moment. Both the Apple app store and Google Play seem like well-curated markets for applications. Screen dimensions and resolutions, battery life, and new touchscreen technology all seem to be at there most upgradeable. So if there’s anything really new to add to the smartphone world, it would have to be something to do with the one feature about smartphones that keeps changing: the physical appearance. Continue reading

bluetooth lock kevo 2 50x50 - Kevo by Kwikset: Using the Force to Unlock Your Front Door, Almost...

Kevo by Kwikset: Using the Force to Unlock Your Front Door, Almost…


It may be a first world problem, but I have to unlock three doors, one with two different locks, using four keys to get into my apartment. So I would love my building to be outfitted with the Kevo, a Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt that unlocks just by touching your finger to it with your iPhone in your pocket keeping track of the particular key password for that door. Kevo is only second to a world equipped with Star Trek-type sliding doors that open or stay locked based on your level of clearance. At this stage in technological advancement, Kevo is an impressive retrofit of your home lock as it is now. Continue reading

moto x skip 2 50x50 - The Skip: The end of four-digit unlock codes

The Skip: The end of four-digit unlock codes


Motorola has broken down a rather overwhelming bit of data: we unlock our smartphones around 40 times per day. Do we do anything useful after unlock number 27? Maybe we do something quite productive. But either way, that is a lot of four-digit unlock codes typed to read an e-mail or scroll through our Twitter feeds. Continue reading

armour39 workout 2 50x50 - Armour39: The Smart Workout

Armour39: The Smart Workout


Were I to be a little more disciplined with exercise, the Armour39 from Under Armour is what I would buy, or maybe it’s what I need to access some of that discipline. Even better, the Armour39 is the first product to measure something we might call “WILLpower.” The Armour39 breaks your workout down into a 0.0 to 10.0 scale that estimates how hard your body worked during your exercise regime. Continue reading

3d printer cube 3 50x50 - The Cube from Cubify: The DIY Toy Maker

The Cube from Cubify: The DIY Toy Maker


I do not understand how 3D printers work, but there is no doubt that I am fascinated by them. I have some sense that a liquidy material gets extruded out and turns into a model rocket or a bouncy ball. I always thought that 3D printers would be bulky, room-occupying inaccessible devices, similar to a copy machine. But there seems to be a connection between excitement for a product and its eventual portability. Now, 3D printers are shrinking to a point where they can fit on a counter. Continue reading

bluetooth car kit kinivo4 50x50 - Kinivo Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit: Drive Safe

Kinivo Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit: Drive Safe


The ultimate error these days is driving while texting, talking, updating Twitter and Facebook, and then yelling at other drivers for doing the same thing when you happen to not be using your smartphone for once. The difference between an attentive driver and a driver that’s glued to their phone can be the difference between life and death. Also, no one has really figured out how to make Bluetooth headsets look cool, and there’s still the risk of getting tangled in the headphone / speaker combination that dangles in your lap while you drive and talk. Continue reading

holidays techie 50x50 - Top 10 Holiday gadget gifts for geeks and techies

Top 10 Holiday gadget gifts for geeks and techies


Today we bring you the coolest gadgets and tech toys that will make everyone around you go: Ooh, what’s that? Kick off the holiday season with the latest tech gear and never run out of power! Here are our favorite top 10 holiday gadget gifts for geeks and techies. Continue reading

gesture armband myo 50x50 - Myo: Controlling Everything with Gestures

Myo: Controlling Everything with Gestures

Undoubtedly, one of my favorite scenes in a movie, on a purely child-like fun level, is in The Minority Report when Tom Cruise’s character John Anderton manipulates a massive glass computer-type screen with his hands, pinching and gesturing to shift around data. Of all the imaginary and realized modern technologies, this gesture-computer thing would be the one for which I wish. Maybe, it is a very real possibility that such a technology will exist in my lifetime for the average consumer. Continue reading

activity tracker pulse 50x50 - The Pulse: Tracking Your Fitness

The Pulse: Tracking Your Fitness


With everything we have to keep track of, there seems like there’s less time to actually keep track of anything. Especially when it comes to our physical well-being, a good record of our health is rather hard to manage. The best thing to do these days is to defer that responsibility to our digital devices and let them handle it. And it’s important to keep track of your physical fitness, because throughout our busy and stressful days, the recognition that we burned a few calories can keep our spirits up. Continue reading

mobile hotspot karma 50x50 - Karma: Gigabytes of Goodwill

Karma: Gigabytes of Goodwill


Monthly data plans organized by the big telecommunication providers excite at first with pronouncements of “unlimited” service. Often, they end up leaving us a little burned when we realize the particular unlimitedness of our 4G data is in fact very limited. There are some, though, who are trying to simplify the big data process and enabling consumers a little more.

Karma is a 4G mobile hotspot that uses a pay-as-you-go system of $15 per gigabyte used, which is a lot of e-mails sent and YouTube videos watched. If you don’t use more than a gigabyte per month, the advantage of Karma over a big telecom is that you will not continue to be charged a full monthly contract fee. Continue reading