environment monitor lapka 50x50 - Lapka Personal Environment Monitor: Sixth senses have arrived

Lapka Personal Environment Monitor: Sixth senses have arrived


The Lapka personal environment monitor is ready to provide you with a whole lot of information about your immediate surrounding that you didn’t get to see before. Unlike anything else on the market really, this device is a gadget that measures radiation, electromagnetic fields, humidity and ‘organicness’(chemical presence) in anything you touch. It then links to your iPhone and generates live recordings on an app, powered only by the phone without the need for extra cables or batteries.

The look is phenomenal – think of a data stick styled by Celine. The component sensors fit together like a domino set rendered in ivory plastic and Sapele natural wooden casing. Even the fibre clad cable is pleasing to the eye. For the purists amongst us, the Lapka is also PVC and lead free.



And so how does it work? A full explanation would waste space (find out all the glorious details at the movie below), so here we run quickly through the 4 main functions.

The first function, the radiation sensor, is sensitive to low levels of hard beta and gamma particles that signify radioactivity (and can cause cancer and other cell damage to us). These are then compared with established healthy guidelines so you can compare to what’s healthy, and compare locations. The second tool is the ‘organic’ sensor that looks like a simple earphone cable, but actually the probe measures conductivity of your fruit and veg. High conductivity equals the presence of nitrate fertilizers, and in theory non-organic food. The electromagnetic field (EMF) sensor picks up the vibrations given off by all sorts of devices, from bare wires to microwaves to mobile phones, that can also damage cells. Finally the humidity ‘domino’ reads the temperature and relative humidity of your location in seconds once acclimatised.

And as if that all wasn’t enough, all the tools can upload their readings to your personal diary or share online.

Though perhaps not one to buy a hypochondriac for Christmas, the Lapka will nonetheless suit gadget fiends, healthy living types and hipsters with brains. It could also be used by people with on-going health problems, to monitor what they’re being exposed to, and optimize their day-to-day.

Bring some pep to that weather chat.


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