colim caravan car 6 - Futuristic caravan Colim

Futuristic caravan Colim


Since i can remember i have always been an enthusiastic traveler, so it’s quite clear why the Colim has caught my eye and imagination. The Colim – an acronym for Colors of Life in Motion – is a detachable car/camper/motorhome concept, by Austrian designer Christian Susana. Smart, stylish and soooo cute. Continue reading

small home galapagos - Small Tortoise Shell Home

Small Tortoise Shell Home


The Galapagos, by Tortoise Shell Home, is a small, portable house offering you an off-the-grid living experience. Starting at 130 sq feet, this mobile home can be used as a vacation cabin, guest cottage, artist retreat, field office, or a starter “grow home”. Continue reading

xsmall house togo - Small portable House-To-Go

Small portable House-To-Go

The small, portable House-To-Go is a fully equipped house-on-wheels designed to travel on any road, anywhere. I like the idea of taking your small house with you wherever you go. Julie Martin, from The Martin House Company, also loves the idea; after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina she decided to use her expertise in restoring beautiful historic homes and start creating affordable and portable housing (with guidance from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses’ Jay Shafer). Continue reading

pod caravan - Pod caravan

Pod caravan


Now you can take that day trip to the seaside or countryside with your loved one in your tiny classic Mini car; just don’t forget to attach it to the pod, a small stylish caravan for two, and there you have it – a romantic escape, all included. Continue reading


Tailgate trailer party


Looking for the ultimate tailgate trailer to show off at your team’s next hanging out tailgate party? This trailer has got it all, whether you want to sit back and enjoy your tailgate party or stand out among the crowd. Continue reading

westfalia verdier 03 - Westfalia Verdier Solar Power caravan

Westfalia Verdier Solar Power caravan


The new Westfalia Verdier Solar Power caravan is a completely green energy, self-sufficient caravan which runs on solar power. Continue reading


Trailer design Trailer Wrap


Give your trailer a new trailer design. Why settle for a trashy looking trailer if you can go for the whole 9 yards with Trailer Wrap, an architectural exercise by University of Colorado students, providing simple and affordable solutions to improve the conditions of the mobile home with a social and environmental conscience. Continue reading

airstream travel trailer - Airstream Travel Trailer: Travel In Style

Airstream Travel Trailer: Travel In Style


The Airstream travel trailer is definitely the right way to travel in style. From the Airstream Bambi to the Safari and the Classic models – the Airstream travel trailer is a true American icon. Continue reading

touring caravan - Deseo Caravan for Sale

Deseo Caravan for Sale


A great-looking, compact modern design for the modular caravan concept by DESEO. A light weighed, affordable touring caravan, that integrates all essential features like storage space, seat and sleeping elements into units plus a wide range of optional extras so you can upgrade your touring caravan at anytime by adding further units. Continue reading