colim caravan car 6 - Futuristic caravan Colim

Futuristic caravan Colim


Since i can remember i have always been an enthusiastic traveler, so it’s quite clear why the Colim has caught my eye and imagination. The Colim – an acronym for Colors of Life in Motion – is a detachable car/camper/motorhome concept, by Austrian designer Christian Susana. Smart, stylish and soooo cute.

The Colim will make a terrific camping buddy – a true hybrid, part car and part caravan – a futuristic motor home to use around the campsite with a detaching front which transforms into a two-seater convertible for day excursions and sightseeing.



I cant wait until a wealthy visionary will bring this exciting concept into reality, since it would also offer a hybrid engine and a solar panel on the roof, making it an ideal, eco-friendly caravan.






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3 thoughts on “Futuristic caravan Colim

  1. maoui

    unbeliveable! better that i never see. Extra usefull with a car integrate. When a company will product those. They did’nt know how popular it’s should be. Better than a Westfalia that i love already. Hope not too much expensive when it’s will be sold!


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